News : TOP athletes in Ethiopian trials at 2,400m: Bekele, hesitates until the end

News : TOP athletes in Ethiopian trials at 2,400m: Bekele, hesitates until the end

Bekele is a total doubt to be in Tokyo / AFP

One of the countries with the best level of marathoners in the world such as Ethiopia disputes this coming Saturday, May 1 the Olympic trials to form the team that will travel to Japan to play the Games. A test that was initially going to be run in Geneva (Switzerland), but which will finally be held in Sebeta, in the African country itself, at 2,400 meters above sea level.

Dream names

Undoubtedly, very different conditions that the participants will have to face in search of those six tickets (three male and three female) that are at stake. There are several aspects to consider. In principle, three of the best marathoners in the world are listed on the starting line: Kenenisa Bekele (2:01:41), Birhanu Legese (2:02:48) and Mosinet Geremew (2:02:55), but their presence is not confirmed.

Either due to annoyances or due to a state of inadequate form (as is said in the case of Kenenisa), we will not know until the last minute if they jump into the ring. If they did not participate, it would not make much sense if the other three mentioned did: Sisay Lemma, Lesisa Desisa and Shura Kitata. The three bills would go directly to them. That is why the coach Haji Adilo has also called up three other names: Mule Wasihun, Gtenaeh Molla and Kinde Atanaw, all of them of the highest level.

In the women’s event, the participants will be Roza Dereje, Birhane dibaba, Degitu Azimeraw, Zeineba Yimer, Tigist Girma and Ashete bekere. Stellar names that will live a ‘knife’ race for those three Olympic places.

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