News : TOP Hares for the Latest Wagon Madness of 2020: Best 10k Brand

News : TOP Hares for the Latest Wagon Madness of 2020: Best 10k Brand

Car left the bars of the reinforced confinement / Twitter

Fernando Carro has set out to achieve best 10k mark in Spain on November 22 in Alcobendas, in one of the fastest circuits in Europe that has a slope that exceeds what is allowed by the World Athletics regulations. For this reason, the achieved mark will not be officially recognized, which does not mean that it will not be included in the rankings, as happens to the San Silvestre Vallecana or the Boston Marathon.

The Madrid-born, from the Nike Running team, which a few weeks ago renewed his title of champion of Spain in his discipline for the third consecutive year, the 3,000 meter hurdles, in addition to adding a bronze in the 5,000 meters, he will look for a historical milestone in his own Autonomous Community.

The reference time to be reduced is the 27 minutes and 48 seconds that appear as the Spanish record for the distance, a mark achieved by the Aragonese Toni Abadía two years ago in Laredo. The objective It is not easy, since to stop the stopwatch below that time you have to run at 2:47 minutes per thousand for 10 km.

Red, Spain, Berlanas and Alaiz, the hares

To achieve that feat, Fernando Carro will have the help of four athletes of the highest level. The first of them is his predecessor on the national throne of the 3,000 meter obstacles, Luis Miguel Martín Berlanas, in charge of guiding the group to kilometer two.

The second of the hares, which will aim to reach kilometer three in 8:21, will be Jesus Spain, 42 years old and considered the best 5,000 meters runner in national athletics, European champion in 2006 beating the British Mo Farah. Roberto Alaiz, recovered for top-level athletics in 2020, will be the third hare. The Leonese, fifth in the Zurich European Championship in 2014 in the 5,000-meter test, will return to the asphalt, where he was twice third in the San Silvestre Vallecana and has a better time in the distance of 28:56.

The last hare is one of the most promising young people of the Spanish fund Red Yago, whose mission is to reach kilometer milestone number seven in 19:29. Among his latest achievements is the bronze medal in the National 10,000 meters and he is now finalizing his preparation for the Valencia Marathon.

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