News : Tougane, the 2:13 athlete in marathon and 13:16 in 5,000 who steals accumulate

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Tougane, the 2:13 athlete in marathon and 13:16 in 5,000 who steals accumulate

Tougane, in an image of a career / Luna Revenga
Tougane, in an image of a career / Luna Revenga

It is a sad story, go ahead. Jaouad Tougane, regional champion of the Valencian Community of Marathon, was expelled a couple of days ago from his team, the CA Playas de Castellón, when transcending that he had been arrested twice for robbing in Valencia. Yes, the Moroccan athlete had been the protagonist for committing several thefts and in the Castellón entity they decided that they were not for the task of maintaining the relationship with the athlete, born in 1989 (as indicated by his ID, apparently he is three years younger, 27 ) and with a better mark of 13:16 in the 5,000 en route.

With minimum for Rio but without Games

That registration, in fact, allowed him to go to the last Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, but decided not to travel because the Moroccan delegation only paid him the plane ticket, neither a scholarship nor any financial aid to subsist in the Brazilian country. Among other things, Tougane has won the Castellón Marathon or the Canillejas Popular Race, while champion of Valencia was proclaimed after crossing the finish line as the first runner of the Community in the Marathon of the city of Turia.

A story similar to that of so many young Moroccans

Tougane was born in a town near Marrakech and at age 12, like so many other young people in his situation, he decided to cross the strait. He initially settled in Guadalajara, according to the newspaper Las Provincias, and then went to a reception center before he began to train more seriously from the age of 18 when he saw that he had qualities. Once signed by the CA Playas de Castellón, one of the most important in the country, he came to his roof as an athlete, especially with that great mark in the 5,000 that allowed him to make a minimum for the Games.

The Club Atletisme Playas de Castellón decided immediately cancel the broker due to his behavior "completely inappropriate that goes against the values ​​of the club and of the own justice", affirmed in a statement Antonio Escrig, president of this sport entity.

Four criminal acts in just one month

Tougane has been arrested twice in recent weeks for robberies. Specifically, there have been four criminal acts: the theft of a bag from a woman, the extraction of banknotes from a cash register, theft of a depilator in a shopping center and another robbery in the same center for which he was surprised by several agents of police.

Tougane took advantage of his physical abilities to run as if there were no tomorrow of the scene. Obviously we do not know the context and it is not at all justifiable what the Moroccan has done, but it is very sad that an athlete of his talent has to resort to these things. To all this it is possible to add something the athlete Toni Abadía commented on social networks, of concentration in Bronchales (Teruel), has commented that two families in the area have ensured that Tougane was in the area training and did not pay for accommodation or expenses.

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