News : Tour de France 2019: THOSE were the most blatant horror falls of the Tour-de-France

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Tour de France 2019: THOSE were the most blatant horror falls of the Tour-de-France

On July 6, 2019, the 106th time the most important and biggest stage race in road cycling starts. Starting in Brussels, the Tour de France for a total of 3,480 km until July 28 in Paris ends with a brilliant showdown at the Arc de Triomphe on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

The fact that such an extensive and prestigious tournament will not end without crashes and injuries seems to be clear in advance. And certainly not all drivers will cross the finish line in Paris. has assembled the most legendary and painful failures of Tour de France history.

Tour de France: In the yellow jersey over the cliff

Already in the 50s, the tour was accompanied by film to document the events better. So succeeded in 1951 the recovery of the Dutch professional cyclist Wim van Est record, which just before a rocky cliff fell down. The Dutchman was the first of his country to win the yellow jersey during a Tour de France. The yellow jersey is always worn by the leader of the overall standings. From the racetrack, van Est went straight to the hospital. The tour was over for him.

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Policeman causes bicycle mass crash

One of the worst experiences on a Tour de France in 1994 was a group of sprinters. Some of them did not finish on the first stage nor could they continue the tour. The reason for this was a mass crash, in which several drivers with severe injuries had to be hospitalized. A policeman, who was supposed to cover the route and was responsible for protecting the drivers, took a small step too far into the street for a souvenir photo. Whether in this situation actually a photo was taken is not known.

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When "Tour de France" fans sabotage their idols

Out of the interest of onlookers to take pictures of drivers, numerous accidents have occurred over the past decades. So also in 1999 on the mountain stage to the winter sports resort Alpe d'Huez. In order to take the perfect picture, a fan of the Italian Giuseppe Guerini misjudged himself and caused a serious crash by his action. Fortunately, the team telecom driver was able to move on quickly with the support of the viewers.

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Dog brings down Tour de France rider Sandy Casar

For the Frenchman Sandy Casar, an animal encounter on the Tour de France 2007 was fatal. This had to dodge on the 18th stage of a dog and thus fell hard. The bloodied Frenchman continued despite this shock moment and surprisingly secured the stage win in the end. Fortunately, the four-legged friend was unhurt, as the video shows.

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Tour victory missed and shoulder broken

The British professional cyclist Mark Cavendish had great chances in 2014 to decide the tour until he crashed on a stage due to a mistake. In the clash with Australian Simon Gerrans Cavendish broke his shoulder, ending even his dreams for a Tour victory.

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Mass crash with 35 injured - So hard is the fight for the "yellow jersey"

When the main field of the drivers, the so-called peloton, moves at high speed, crashes and pile-ups are almost inevitable. On a tour stage in BelgiumIn 2015, such a mass collision occurred, through which 35 drivers had to get to know the hard contact with the asphalt. The hitherto leading Swiss Fabian Cancellara was also among the injured, as he overturned his bike several times. He suffered numerous vertebral fractures and had to give up the tour about it.

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