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Tour de France - doping for Bolzer and Kraxler - sports

  • Officially, the Tour de France is considered doping cleaned since 2015.
  • But according to experts and reports, the miracle drug might be in use in the current issue of the tour: Aicar.
  • Roughly speaking, Aicar boosts stamina and fat burning without losing muscle strength and efficiency.
From Johannes Knuth, Bagnères-de-Bigorre

It is always fascinating, this spectacle, which takes place immediately after each stage at the Tour de France: cyclists who have just rushed over the finish line with seventy things whizzing along the road to their team buses. Where: road would be said too much. It's usually a tiny corridor that gendarmes keep clear while reporters, cameramen, and fans scurry around them. Most of the corridor collapses after a few meters, the emaciated drivers are then in the middle of the noise. But the veterans are stoically over it, Alejandro Valverde navigated around on Wednesday in Toulouse fast to his team bus, which he also mounted nimbly. He left about two dozen fans and reporters, and the team doctor of his Movistar team, in a bloody white shirt.

Valverde seems to like to leave the excitement behind these days. Fans, reporters and observers had repeatedly whispered about him; they were amazed how thin he had come to this tour. Sure, Valverde, once a customer of the blood dooper Eufemiano Fuentes, has always been good over the mountains, but he always had more powerful legs, for the punch in the final sprint - so he had secured the world title last year on the difficult track in Innsbruck , at the age of 38 Now such slimming treatments are not uncommon, especially since the professionals have to scramble many meters in the thin mountain air at this 106th Tour de France, on Thursday it was the first time in the Pyrenees. However, all of this sounds less trustworthy when you include reports like the one the Dutch daily newspaper De Telegraaf now published. The headline: "Doping Alert in Tour Peloton."

Aicar first appeared in swimming in 2008

The sheet reported therein the supposed comeback of an old acquaintance: Aicar. Roughly speaking, it boosts stamina and fat burning without losing muscle strength and efficiency - perfect for cyclists who need to get over the mountains easily but also need muscle strength. The Telegraaf now referred to "several prominent professional cyclists," who had reported that Aicar is further consumed in the peloton, the substance is on the Internet for everyone to have, five milligrams for 70 euros. The World Anti-Doping Agency was also warned at the end of June to step up the tests. A team at the tour mix Aicar even into the drinks of its drivers, in powder form - without the professionals would know that. Sorry?

Cycling Simon Yates wins the first stage of the Pyrenees

Simon Yates wins the first stage of the Pyrenees

The Brit prevails in the final sprint of the breakaway group. German Maximilian Schachmann achieves a good 16th place.

Aicar first appeared in swimming in 2008, in 2009 French police found empty packs in the team hotel of the Astana cycling team. Animal studies have shown that the substance can increase endurance performance by up to 50 percent; how and whether he acts on man, but is still largely unexplored. The Wada noted Aicar 2011 on its prohibition list, since 2014, there is a urine test, the Cologne anti-doping laboratory had significantly developed and refined it again and again. Today he is also the French laboratory, which tests most of the samples of the tour. Mario Thevis, a doping researcher in the Cologne laboratory, considers it at least not unlikely that the endurance booster is still in use, the hunt for "is one of our daily business," he says.

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