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Training for cyclists: alone or accompanied?

train alone or accompanied by cycling

What is better to train alone or together? Many cyclists wonder this when at this point of the preseason some fellow ruler gives him a good hot flash.

In the times that run where small details are what make the difference almost everyone decides to put themselves in the hands of a cycling coach. For this reason it is likely that in a training rump each cyclist has a different work routine from the rest and therefore a different obligation from that of the other teammates. Given this situation, common questions arise. Can I go out with Carlos? My coach puts me 3 hours on flat ground, if I do a couple of climbs, will I be loading the training?

The first thing you should do is relativize everything that happens. Training in the global context of the season means nothing. That is to say, by climbing a mountain pass at a high pace in the middle of December, be calm that you will not spoil the cyclist in June that you have in mind as a great objective.

Social relations are very important and more in a sport as lonely and demanding as cycling. Unfortunately throughout the year you will have to spend many hours alone so if you can go out to train accompanied better than better. Next, I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of going out to train alone and accompanied. Do not miss the final conclusion in which I leave some practical tips to make your day to day easier with the rest of the partners. Training accompanied can be very positive if you know how to take advantage.

Train alone

The solo training is part of the cyclist's DNA and it is that all lovers of this sport have typical features of the lone wolf.

At this point I would differentiate between two aspects. On the one hand, the training we do during the week and on the other what we do on weekends. Like is logic During the week the chores and obligations eat us ground and practically we have to assemble a puzzle to be able to fulfill and go out to train. In this line, it is most likely that from Monday to Friday you will have to go out alone and therefore you will avoid compatibility problems.

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Solo training is hard and demanding but very effective

Another very different story comes on the weekends when clubs and training groups meet to make fund and share with friends the passion for this sport.

On weekends is when the great danger comes. Do 4-5 hours of solo training I understand that it is not very appealing, but if you have to do basic aerobic work, you do not need to join the people who are using a knife preparing the cyclocross.

It is not a matter of training alone and of being obsessed with power or pulse data, it is simply a matter of finding a training group that has more or less the same intention. During the winter period this is much easier but the thing is usually complicated from spring when people start training more seriously and according to the coming goals.

Training is only clear that you will always be able to do a more precise job, but don't forget that “you will only get faster, but accompanied surely you will go further"

Solo training requires a high concentration and the mental requirement will be even greater than the physical one. Enduring 1 week is easy, but enduring the whole season I assure you that it is extremely complicated. You would not be the first one that mid-season hangs the bicycle tired and unmotivated.

Group training

The main difference between leaving alone or in company comes from the hand of intensity. If we train our roll we will be the ones who determine the intensity, while If we leave in a group, it will be the speed of the squad that determines the route requirement.

As much as it is agreed to "go to the rhythm" the groups are always unpredictable and it would be very strange that the exit would develop all with tranquility and harmony. Cyclists warm up easily and what is expected as a regenerative exit to release legs can end with a scuba that marks history.

Nobody likes to get off the hook and for a matter of personal pride in front of the rest of the teammates, you will probably end up squeezing the bill.

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Be very careful with the training and heating in "grupeta".

However, group outings also have very positive things and it is that in addition to enjoying cycling among friends, the hours will pass faster and in case of looking for a demanding training you will always give a plus against the rest. Training is only complicated to reach the highest levels of suffering. Group outings can be used to measure forces and make a good simulation of the competition rhythm at certain times. At the end of the day, the majority of training groups are made up of cyclists who seek to finish or improve their time in a cycle tour.

Training to prepare a cycling tour. Tips and warnings

Find a middle ground

As we have seen, all modalities have advantages and disadvantages and for this reason there is no single answer that determines whether it is better to train alone or with others. In short, it is not just about training with people or doing it alone, but the most important thing is Learn to train with your head.

By this I mean leaving aside obsessions and taking advantage of the company of friends and acquaintances. We must all do our part and conform a little to the social mass. Take common sense and forget to raise the entire cave 4 times it costs simply because your coach has put you strength series.

Show yourself dynamic and open and abandon that somewhat obsessive thought that all cyclists have.

This It does not mean that you take the training of the weekend to the bullfighter, I simply recommend that you try to adapt them as much as possible. If they touch you for 3 hours you can go out with friends and turn around when you reach the middle of your training. And if by remote chance of life someone gives him a good "stick", which I doubt (irony), take it easy and let it go. Remember that you are training and not competing. Errors in cyclist training are very expensive and it is not advisable to be smart especially if you are more than 4 months away from your goal.

Summarizing, Take advantage of the workouts from Monday to Friday to do the most specific work and enjoy the weekends among friends trying to respect your coach's planning to the fullest.

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