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Training in the morning or afternoon?

train in the morning or afternoon

Have you ever wondered what the best time of day to train? Most of us just train when we can and have free time. But if you could choose Would you do it in the morning or in the afternoon? Blessed dilemma right?

The truth is that there is no universal law that determines the ideal time for sports. Each person is different and each organism has a different biorhythm that adapts better or worse to daytime or evening hours.

Next, I will analyze the Advantages and disadvantages of training in the morning and training in the afternoon.

Train in the morning

Charged batteries: If you have slept the necessary 8 hours recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), you will be full of energy to face a new day of training. If you train first thing in the morning you will be making sure to catch the maximum energy level.

Although work may not seem like it to you, both standing and sitting wears down and as the hours go by, your energy levels will be significantly reduced. The energy tank is always full when we get up.

Breakfast: be careful with this aspect. Science recommends having breakfast at least 2 hours before the competition since, if it is done with less time, the organism will not have had time to finish the digestion, and consequently the absorption of nutrients will not have been able to complete 100%. The professionals they always have breakfast about three hours before the race since the teams consider that 180 minutes in advance is enough to do a good load of carbohydrates. If you are not one of the select group of "pros" and you go out to roll or jump into the pool at 8 in the morning it will be more difficult to have breakfast 3 hours before. In this situation, it is best to eat a prudent amount of easily digestible food for breakfast and to start eating a little earlier during sports.

If you want to know a little more about hydration and nutrition during exercise you can visit the following publication.

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Training in the morning will help you activate your metabolism

Mental freshness: Beyond the physical issue, it should not be forgotten that complying with the training often becomes a mental issue. Laziness is the great enemy of the athlete and in the afternoons the body is used to being more lazy. In the morning you will be fresh physically but also mentally. If you follow a structured training plan and you are used to doing specific work, it is important that you are motivated to endure moments of suffering psychologically.

Haste: training in the morning surely implies that you have the minutes counted to be able to do it. 95% of people who train in the morning do so before going to work, so you can start forgetting to take a longer shower or enjoy a good post-workout beer with your teammates.

Dream: some people wake up especially active while others (I must confess that this is my case) it takes longer to activate the body. If you are one of those who know get up on the right foot And wanting to eat the world, morning training is likely to be especially effective, while if you are one of those who have a hard time getting out of bed, give me that you are going to need a lot of discipline and a couple of cups of coffee to Put on your shoes first thing in the morning.

Train in the afternoon

Company: Amateur athletes train most of the time in the afternoon so it will be easier for you to find company for yourself if you opt for the afternoon shift. Training alone is boring And psychologically it becomes quite a demanding task. To train you only have to have a very high motivation to comply with what is established day after day.

Climatology: At noon the temperature rises and during the winter everything that is to train from that time will be for the benefit of greater comfort. In the morning is when the cold is the strongest, so if you train in the afternoon you can surely do it with a slightly more favorable weather.

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In winter it is difficult to train in the afternoon with sunlight. Spinning and the gym are good alternatives

Recovery: training in the afternoon means that generally after training you will have more time to dedicate to post-training. Do not forget that training is as important as recovery. There is nothing more pleasant than calmly enjoying a recovery shake before stepping into the shower. If you train in the afternoon you can also dedicate the necessary time to stretching. A fundamental part in the physical preparation of any athlete. Remember that training more does not always translate into increased performance. It is becoming increasingly common to find coaches who prioritize quality over quantity.

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