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Training tips for novice runners

In this article we want to offer a series of tips for novice runners They can be of great help in better practicing your training. If they are met, all training will be easier and, therefore, better results will be obtained. Very attentive because in all probability they will help you achieve your goals.

1.- Equip yourself well

First of all, when starting any sporting activity and specifically running, we need to equip ourselves in the best way possible.

That happens by making us comfortable and breathable clothing, with appropriate shoes and also with a heart rate monitor that will help us carry out the registration and control of our entire body, our performance and our pulsations. Regarding these, here they discuss some of the best types of heart rate monitors.

Regarding the shoes, it is advisable to first seek professional advice and inform yourself about your own way of running. This way of running will often be related to the shape of our foot: for example, if you have a high bridge then you will be a supinator runner.

In the event that you have flat feet, you will be pronator, and if you have a bridge that is not too high or too low, you will have a natural stride. For the same, these aspects must be taken into account when choosing the right equipment and avoid injury.

2.- Start by thinking about the process: little by little

It is always very important to start running training in the case of beginners thinking, first of all, that the results are obtained little by little. Don't want to get them in no time: running and being fit is more of an exercise in perseverance and discipline.

In the beginning it will be hard, and you should get used to the idea: for the same reason, you should always start little by little, knowing that the results will not appear immediately.

Don't set goals too high if you really want to meet them or, worse, if you don't want to injure yourself. It is essential to obtain motivation, and for this it is more advisable to set modest objectives, but that you gradually fulfill to feed back that motivation.

Always start with a training plan, in an organized and regulated way: don't do what you want or what you consider. Just dial yourself a goal well set by professionals through specific training sessions and focus on fulfilling it to improve little by little.

In the event that the effort is too much for you at the beginning, you can choose to intersperse the races with moments in which to walk to recover.

3.- Set your goals based on time and not distance

It is a very common mistake to start a workout thinking at a certain distance. However, in the case of rookie training it is much more advisable to opt for races stipulated by time. Indeed, it is better to run, for example, for 20 minutes at a pace that is affordable for you than to run for 3 kilometers without being able to bear it.

That is to say, the best thing is to set the objectives according to the time and, when we are getting more resistance or physical form, go interspersing with other types of races. Otherwise, it is very possible that we suffer from injuries or excessive exhaustion. Be consistent. Other aspects like your power or your strength You can train them when you have a good base as a runner.

4.- Respect recovery and rest periods

Running is a discipline exercise that also includes the same requirement for rest and recovery periods. Get used to the idea that these periods are part of your training and that, therefore, to get results, you cannot skip them.

First of all, listen to your body, listen to it and feel what it communicates to you. In the event that you are overstraining it will ask you to rest.

Normally, it is recommended to rest at least 2 days a week. However, in the case of novice runners the ideal is to run one day and rest another.

These recovery periods are essential for your body to the extent that it is with them that you recover from possible micro-breaks that have occurred in your muscles.

In the same way, it will also be your own body that tells you when it is ready to run again. If you don't rest, you're running the risk of injury and spoil all your effort.

5.- Establish an affordable routine

As we have said with the goals, it is also valid for the training routine. It is important that you include certain schedules and habits in your lifestyle to make room for sports activity and, at the same time, regulate them so that you can give it while you do everything your body needs.

In this way, we must adapt an affordable routine that we can meet: remember that, above all, it is a matter of perseverance. In this sense, your mobile phone and some specific applications for it They can help you set reminders so you know when each item touches you.

It is important to take good care of your diet and give your body the energy it needs to respond to training.

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