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Transfer: Ivan Perisic presented at Bayern - Sports

  • Ivan Perisic, 30, is presented at Bayern as loan-access. He comes for a year from Inter Milan.
  • The Croat describes the circumstances of his change: When the Munich wish access Leroy Sané injured, everything had gone very quickly.
  • Curiously, Perisic is still missing on the first matchday.

A small image problem, well, Ivan Perisic already has. And that's what the Croat is guiltless about. On the contrary, he has done a lot of things right the last time: he reached the 2018 World Cup final, scored a goal in the match, then played a decent season at Inter Milan. Now he has switched to a European top club; At the age of 30, the move to FC Bayern is one of the last in his career.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in public perception in Munich. There he is the B solution - because it has not worked out with the A-transfer of Leroy Sané for the outer track (and perhaps will not work either). That was also the point when Perisic entered Munich's Pressestüberl on Säbener Strasse on Wednesday afternoon.

How does he feel about being the second choice?

Bundesliga helpers on the wing

Emergency help on the wing

Borrower Ivan Perisic is to make the Munich squad directly better. At Inter he had to go, though he has sporty convinced.By Thomas Hürner

It is no secret why the Bavarians had called, Perisic confirmed directly and openly - and thus addressed the cruciate ligament injury of Leroy Sané, without which he would not be in Munich. "I hope he recovers quickly," he sent a greeting to the German international. No problem for Perisic, so the impression.

Perisic is still suspended on matchday one

For him personally, the living conditions had changed rapidly. Recently he was still a respected player in Milan, then changed the standing under new coach Antonio Conte. Suddenly the cry for help from Munich. "When they called, it only took me a few hours to decide," Perisic said. "When Bayern call, you do not have to think long." He remains first for a year, as a loaner, then Bayern have a purchase option.

Coach Niko Kovac emphasized that Perisic played a role in transfer considerations even before the Sané injury. Most of all, he brought the Croatian World Cup participant into play. After all, Perisic is one of the "Top 3 players in Croatia". He is two-legged strong, aggressive at the start, also has a strong header game. He has the "outside traction we need", stated Kovac.

A few days ago, the coach had scolded the media, because these Perisic disrespectful only as B, C or even D-solution would have called. Now Kovac has apparently decided to treat the matter with humor: "I was the B solution, too, and we got the double." A part of the Bayern leadership, it is known, had the summer before the obligation of Thomas Tuchel preferred before Kovac has signed.

Who will strengthen Bayern currently, except Perisic? "I can not rule anything out by September 2," Kovac said. The fact that he has to give up his newest player on the first day of the game makes him a tortured smile. In the last game of the season in Italy Perisic had picked up the fifth yellow card. "The lock will be passed on, so to speak," concluded Kovac. He has, the coach admitted openly, did not know before.

Süddeutsche Zeitung Sports Bavaria, overhears the signals!

Bayern, do not hear the signals!

FC Bayern calls on the one hand, the cadres, on the other hand, he clearly does not know what he wants - this is almost a dangerous picture.Comment by Claudio Catuogno

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