News : Triathlete Sergio Muñoz is run over in Plasencia and runs away

News :

Triathlete Sergio Muñoz is run over in Plasencia and runs away

Muñoz, with a sling after the hit / EFE

ANDhe young Bilbao triathlete based in Plasencia (Cáceres), Sergio Muñoz, recovers at his home from run over he suffered when training with his bicycle for the first time since the state of alarm was decreed.

The event, which has been known now, occurred on May 2 when it was run over by un vehicle that fled, as reported to Efe Muñoz, 19 and enrolled in the ranks of the Diablillos de Rivas Triathlon Club (Madrid).

Muñoz has explained that after many days of training with the roller on the balcony of his house he decided to go out with his bicycle to test sensations and take advantage of the first opportunity to practice outdoor sports, after the strict confinement of the first weeks of alarm.

The driver didn't even stop

When he was driving through the Cañada Real area, a vehicle that was traveling at high speed ran over him and fled. "I collided with the right door of the car and flew over the vehicle and, although I do not remember many details of the moment, I am clear that the vehicle that hit me did not stop or its driver came to take an interest in my condition"He pointed out.

After the attack, several witnesses to what happened came to his aid and notified a Local Police patrol of what had happened, which minutes later found the driver.

"I do not know who he is and the truth is that I do not want to know either, because now the only thing that matters to me is to recover fully and continue with my studies at the University of Extremadura and return to competition as soon as they leave us," he asserted. .

Despite how bulky the car is, Muñoz has indicated that he has been "very lucky", because he only has some muscle aches and a fissure in a wrist. Currently, and given the impossibility of going back to the pool or cycling, she does joint and isometric mobility exercises that her coach sends her.

Before the stop forced by the advance of the coronavirus pandemic, Muñoz was preparing the Spanish Duathlon Championship to be held in Soria. "It is a shame because I was doing quite well and I looked good, but well, now the important thing is to recover fully and return to training as soon as possible, but without obsessing to see if we can finally compete in late August or September", has added.

Muñoz has also launched a caution message aimed at drivers and cyclists. "The road belongs to everyone and we must share it", he concluded.

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