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Tricks to keep the weight at bay during Christmas

lose weight at christmas cycling

They are Christmas parties and between nougat and polvorón it is very complicated keep weight at bay. For all the athletes that we throw the year taking care of the food and the line, copious meals and sweets come as a gift from the devil.

Overcoming the dreaded Christmas without adding a gram to the scale becomes practically an impossible task. A fleeting dream that escapes you year after year when your mother and mother-in-law insist on filling your stomach to satiety simply because "you look very skinny."

Resisting temptation is an impossible mission And after all, Christmas is also there to enjoy it. Cyclists, runners and triathletes have already spent 51 weeks obsessed with food and weight, as well as giving up family and social celebrations.

However, there are a number of practical tips to combat Christmas overweight. A series of tips that can be very useful for you at least so that the Christmas holidays don't spoil so many months of sacrifice.

Keep playing sports:

Do youWhat an obvious right? Well, not so much, and some people take advantage of Christmas parties to take vacations at work and in the sports field. Do not fall for this mistake and try to continue practicing sport on a regular basis. The sport is the best way to burn calories so try to minimize the caloric surplus by increasing the daily exercise dose a bit. It is not necessary that you crush yourself as a possessed but it would be interesting that in these indicated days you will do some sport.

I imagine that you will have family commitments at lunchtime and it is very likely that they will lengthen practically until dinner time. Get up early and take advantage of the morning to sweat the shirt a little. During Christmas, prioritize sports that burn more calories compared to weight or gym exercises. HIIT training can be a good option for burn a lot of calories in a short time.

Increase your daily NEAT

Going up the stairs, going to work walking or taking a walk with the dog are some examples of physical activity not associated with exercise. These more or less routine actions that are not considered sports activities are what condition your daily NEAT. The NEAT is integrated by this calculation of activities that in many occasions we underestimate and that at the end of the day can mean extra calories burned.

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Alcohol is a silent enemy

If you wear a active and healthy lifestyle You will find it easier to control the weight. Take advantage of these holidays to increase your daily activity somewhat. If you have more free time you can go shopping or take the opportunity to take the dog for longer. Although it may seem silly all sum and at the end of the day what ends up making a difference is the caloric balance.

Fasting Workouts

He fasting training It is the first order of the day when it comes to losing weight. Roller It is a great tool to practice this type of exercise and a great ally to control the scale during Christmas.

I imagine that throughout these days you will have more than one abundant meal. You can take advantage of copious dinners to practice physical exercise first thing in the morning in fast. The body will have leftover gasoline and with this type of activity you will accelerate the burning of fat. In addition, the body will be active from the early morning and you will give an activation signal to the entire metabolism.

Fasting workouts recommend that they are not very long or very intense, but after a great Christmas Eve you can be calm because you will have fuel to do 2 hours on an empty stomach. Do not go with the intensity and try to maintain a constant rhythm to zone 2.3 that allows you pull fat as a fuel source.

Drink a lot of water

Being hydrated correctly is important at any time of the year but here I do not only refer to this. We all know that water fills the stomach and that contributes to the feeling of satiety. Now you do not need to drink water like a possessed, but it is true that a glass of water before meals can help you fill your stomach before. Use some extra glass of water to fool the brain and that is that when you feel full you will stop eating. During the meal try to prioritize water over other types of sugary or alcoholic drinks.

Prioritize healthy foods

Already it's not just about eating less, but about doing better. At this point I refer to the possibility of changing foods. Varied entrees are very common and there is likely to have quite a catalog to choose from. If you can eat salad or some toast with salmon and avocado it will always be better than to bait with the cheese board or with foie. With the main course you will have more complicated, but in the desserts you are likely to have a new opportunity. It is not the same to enjoy a good fruit and chocolate fondue than to dip two nougat bars and 5 polvorones.

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The mountains of sweets accumulate on the table and in the abdomen

It is important to contextualize and I am advising you to prioritize healthy foods and not to ask for a customized menu. We all know healthy foods and those that are not. Basically it tries to minimize the intake of saturated fats and sugars. The further you get away from healthy foods, the more complicated you will be to return to normal.

do not eat the head

Surely the most important point of all. Do not forget to enjoy the Christmas holidays. Enjoy the surroundings and the food. Not every day is Christmas and unfortunately it is increasingly difficult to gather the whole family. Do not eat your head, set aside negative thoughts and self-criticism. Take advantage of holidays to disconnect and to Eat dishes that you can't even imagine during the rest of the year. Do not forget that what really determines the result is what you do during the rest of the year and that the end of the world is not coming if you skip the diet for a couple of days. Socialize and enjoy the little moments.

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