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Trinidad Alfonso de Valencia Half Marathon Preview

Image of the Half Marathon of Valencia
Image of the Half Marathon of Valencia

The Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP Half Marathon, organized by SD Roadrunner, celebrates this Sunday October 27th its 29th edition with the aim of revalidating its condition as the fastest 21,097.5 meters on the planet, but also as a test in which both the corridor and the city are involved and enjoy an event that every year has more level and attracts more public.

Under the motto ‘Dream fast. Run faster ’ (Dream fast. Run even faster) The race, which was presented at L'Alqueria del Basket, has already achieved several records before being celebrated as being the half marathon with the most registered in Spain, 17,500 participants, of which 4504 will be women (800 more than the previous edition ), or close the inscriptions four months before the test with a waiting list of more than 3300 people. In addition, the test is part of the SuperHalfs, a circuit that includes the five most important races in the world in the distance and will be released in 2020 with the aim of expanding the foreign census.

Five athletes for the women's world record

In the sports part, Paco Borao, president of the SD Roadrunner and director of the race, explained that they have met "three female athletes in a position to fight to overcome the world record that Valencia has already had since 2017 ”. “In men, we have 8 years in a row with a winner below the hour. We want to improve, although being honest today the assault on the men's world record is very, very difficult, ”he said. assured, noting that on Friday the presentation of elite athletes will take place with more details about them.

Borao also recalled that since the organization is fighting intensely against doping. “In Valencia, it's not no. And we have created two rules: the first is that we do not sign brokers sanctioned by doping; the second is that we have signed an agreement with the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) for € 25,000 to perform surprise checks among the athletes on our starting list ”.

The best half marathon for the runner

For Elena Tejedor, director of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, the number of entries “it makes us see that we are on the right track" "We want it to be the half marathon that best treats the runner in the world and that there are more and more runners, we believe it demonstrates that goal", has pointed.

In that sense, Weaver recalled that this edition has been released “A very new procedure that is the waiting list, which we had not seen in any other race. We thought we weren't going to have to implement it in the half marathon, but we think it has been of great value and thanks to that, 500 runners who had not had a place can finally run ”. In addition, he stressed that one hundred percent of those enrolled have been able to choose size and model of shirt.

20,000 numbers for 2020

During the presentation, it was announced that for the 2020 edition 20,000 places will be opened that will be available from Monday, October 28. "We have rethought the pricing strategy with a slight rise. The goal is for the test to be increasingly economically sustainable ”, has announced. In addition, the process of the price change will be modified, instead of going by dates, it will do so by number of brokers, rewarding the one who previously enrolls.

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