News : Tsegay, 14:49 in 5,000 to 2,300m wearing Adidas and wearing Nike

News : Tsegay, 14:49 in 5,000 to 2,300m wearing Adidas and wearing Nike

Tsegay crosses the finish line in his Adidas shirt and pants and Nike / Photo Aman sneakers

The image of the current 1,500 meter world record holder Gudaf Tsegay is curious. The Ethiopian participated in the Nationals held in the capital, Addis Ababa, at 2,300 meters above sea level. Assuming the enormous difficulty involved in training at that height and with the relevant lack of oxygen, the African achieved a spectacular record in the 5,000 test of 14: 49: 7 (the best mark achieved on Ethiopian soil so far) surpassing the current one World distance recordwoman, her compatriot Letesenbet Gidey, who managed to make history in Valencia on the same day as Joshua Cheptegei did the same, but in her case in the 10,000 meter distance. Gidey stopped the clock at 14: 56: 7 and entered seven seconds behind Tsegay. He completed the Melknat Wude podium far away with 15: 28: 4.

A curious combination

But perhaps the most peculiar thing about the Tsegay brand is that wore Adidas clothing (the brand that sponsors it) and wore Nike spikes. According to the athletics specialist @gabyandersen, Tsegay ran several rallies throughout 2020 with different sneaker models, but always from Adidas. You do not know what the German multinational will think of that fact or if the Ethiopian athlete has directly broken or is in the process of breaking its relationship.

The race was exciting with Gidey and Tsegay matched until in the last 300 meters Gudef made a change of pace than the world record holder (which by the way we remember that he could not participate in the Valencia half marathon due to the armed conflict in his region, Tigray) couldn’t go on. It seems completely unlikely that Gidey will bet on doubling at the Olympic Games the 1,500 (where we remember that she is the world ‘recordwoman’) and the 5,000, but it is at a level that we should not rule anything out.

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