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TSV 1860: Ismaik accuses club representatives racism - sports

1860 investor Hasan Ismaik called the club representatives as racists, without providing evidence. His involvement is more of a huge intercultural misunderstanding.

Comment by Markus Schäflein

A reporter of Evening News recently flew to Los Angeles to visit Hasan Ismaik, the Jordanian investor of Giesing's third division TSV 1860 Munich. He has learned a lot there, for example that Ismaik loves dogs and cute puppies romp around in the garden of his villa for sale between Bel Air and Hollywood. Less sweet then were the greetings that Ismaik sent to the club representatives who no longer accept loans from him and have called the consolidation course. From the newspaper boxes in Munich on the Assumption of the Virgin Mary the lettering was written: "Hasan Ismaik: 1860 bosses are racists!"

The headline is based on Ismaik's response to the question of why he values ​​former President Peter Cassalette: "Unlike the others, he was not a racist." To the objection that was a serious reproach, Ismaik replied: "It is not a reproach for me, but a fact: Several presidents, officials and members of the association have dealt with me racist." As evidence, he cited the fact that Robert Reisinger had not distanced himself from the text often offered in the fan block "shit on the sheikh, shit on his money": "Any other president in Germany would have stood in front of me and the insults distanced against my person, Reisinger tolerated it. " He did not name further evidence of racism. At the past general meeting, Reisinger had requested that "certain songs" not be offered, and everyone was sticking to it. Ismaik, given the seriousness of his allegation, was desperate to provide evidence if he had it.

Maybe he deliberately misuses the term

Already in 2016, Ismaik accused the press of racism in general. "I have shown the racist headlines the cold shoulder," he said, then the request for supporting passages remained unanswered. Previously, his work on TSV 1860 had been critically reported. If Ismaik now takes the homoeopathic offensive criticism of fans at him - the so-called sheikh song, posters and T-shirts with his crossed-out face and the words "I do not love you" - as an opportunity to talk about racism of the club leadership he looks into other stages.

Hoffenheim's patron Dietmar Hopp in the crosshairs with the words "Hasta la vista" addressed to Red Bull Leipzig manager Ralf Rangnick: "Ey, Ralf we are waiting for your next burnout" - when it comes to investors in football are in the fan blocks the limits of freedom of expression and criminal law strained or even exceeded. The protest at sixty, however, has always adhered to these limits.

And yet Ismaik accuses the association representatives in the three-member presidium and the nine-member board of directors, to which he recommended the collective resignation, blanket of racism '. Maybe he deliberately misuses the term, according to the motto: a little something always gets stuck. Then he would mock all who are actually exposed to xenophobia. But it may also be that Ismaik actually feels racially tainted, for example by the 50 + 1 rule, which denies foreign (and also German) investors decision-making authority in the clubs.

In any case, Ismaik's involvement with Sixty from the start was a huge cross-cultural misunderstanding. This has nothing to do with racism. By the way, some of his opponents were already bitter critics of the former club patriarch Karl-Heinz Wildmoser. His Vita: born in Munich, butcher apprenticeship in Rottach-Egern, Wiesnwirt.

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