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TSV 1860 Munich - Finally Erdmann - Sport

Football third division TSV 1860 Munich committed a tough-hearted central defender. He became known throughout Germany after an assault against Marco Reus.

Sometimes names and athletes fit together in such a way that it is unthinkable that he could do something different professionally. The most famous example is of course Dong Dong from China. An Olympic champion in trampoline jumping. But Erdmann is not bad either. Erdmann is a defender, first name: Dennis. Erdmann, 28, is now playing for third division TSV 1860 München, and is in all likelihood one of two players the club will be able to afford before the start of the season. At his presentation, he said, "I need an 1860 club where there is action and trouble - not where Grandma and Grandpa stand by the side waving their umbrellas." Can he have exactly like that?

Erdmann's name not only fits in with the position he plays (he should bury himself in the center of defense next to Felix Weber, the captain), he also fits well with his origins. Erdmann was born in Frechen, in the middle of the Rhenish lignite mining area. His career as a footballer, he started at BW Kerpen, 2012, he moved to FC Schalke 04. Before, he moved in 2014 to Hansa Rostock - and finally in 2017 to 1. FC Magdeburg, with whom he celebrated promotion to the second division.

Above all, Erdmann Erdmann is called, because he is tough, he is no task too dirty. The kiss mouth tattooed on his neck does not deceive. "In case of need, I foul the pope too," he once wrote on his jacket. At least he has fouled the Dortmund Marco Reus, in the second round of the DFB Cup - in a way, away from the ball, with which he got into the headlines throughout Germany. "He ran against my knee, I used to play the county league, so we just rubbed ourselves and kept playing," Erdmann said afterwards. In the same game Erdmann should also "given a back pipe" in the first minute of the game, without the ball had been in the vicinity, according to the Borussia manager Michael Zorc also Ciro Immobile.

The denied Erdmann, but admitted: "I have him a few sayings pressed him a bit maltreated, as it is in football." Had he beaten me, I would of course have dropped. " Erdmann has collected 88 yellow cards in 255 games. If he fails in the coming season, then the currently injured on the hand Marco Vincenzo Raimondo butcher out of sixty Bayernliga team has to help out. Raimondo butcher is considered a 450-euro defender, he has a name, too. But that tells a different story.

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