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TSV 1860 Munich - Post by Dr. med. Schummer - Sport

1860 sent a letter from a member to more than 17,000 members. The Bureau criticized in this initially wants to prevent this, but distracts - to prevent a legal dispute.

The 70-year-old general practitioner Thomas Schummer from Mainburg has a recommendation for the general meeting of the TSV 1860 Munich on Sunday - or better: a non-election recommendation. "Through the" Consolidation Course "called by the Presidium (...), our beloved Lions threaten to disappear forever in the amateur hall," writes the club member in a letter he sent to all eligible members through the club's office own costs. "If you are also concerned about the future of our beloved lions, I sincerely ask you: Rise up for our lions, overcome their comfort or your resignation! Come into the zenith and set a sign for the future!" On Monday, more than 17,000 medical reports were sent to the post office and emailed.

Schreiber's criticized Robert Reisinger's Bureau had initially rejected shipping, but then quickly decided otherwise - for legal reasons, as explained in an accompanying letter. Although Schummer's letter does not contain a "concrete application for the assembly of the eV, but theses of a general nature in relation to the TSV Munich of 1860 GmbH & Co. KGaA, professional football." His letter therefore lacks the necessary relevance. (...) Confronted with the situation, President Robert Reisinger offered Dr. Schummer to make his request heard by publishing the letter on the club website, "it said:" Dr. Schummer proposed this proposal of the President and threatens the TSV Munich von 1860 eV with a lawsuit in case his letter would not be sent by post by the office of the association. "

And what can happen if the resolutions of member meetings are challenged, the lions from the process marathon of their member Helmut Kirmaier know exactly. "In order not to burden the coming general meeting in the aftermath of protracted legal disputes, the TSV Munich of 1860 e.V. - without expressly recognizing a legal obligation - hereby complies with the request of Dr. Schummers," said the Bureau.

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