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TSV 1860 Munich - Revived on Matchday 1 - Sport

The TSV 1860 Munich goes with a 1: 1 against Münster in the third league season. Phillipp Steinhart's penalty is for the draw.

When the flag bearers invaded to present the coats of arms of the 20 participating clubs for the official start of the third football league, the boy came with the coat of arms of the TSV 1860 Munich as the last on the field. To be the last to open the season, is not so bad, the lions want to come only after the 38th matchday as last to the finish. The assumption that they would be a relegation candidate in view of the consolidation course, received some food in the first game against Preußen Münster during the first half, but in the second round the lions dominated the game and would have earned more than the 1-1 (1-0 ). "As bad as the first half was, so good was the second," summed up 1860 coach Daniel Bierofka.

On the warm-up shirts of the players was the words "#VEREINenStattSpalten" read, the KGaA management had indeed called to refrain attacks against investor Hasan Ismaik: "The team needs the united support of all lion fans to launch successfully into the season Freedom of expression ends where people are deliberately insulted and vilified - as much for the Internet as for fanatics and banners in the stadium. " The supporters then focused on just a little defaming the competition: "The head of the league opens the season," they claimed.

As confident as one would expect from a boss, the team of TSV 1860 did not present itself in the first half. Here are the consolidation lions, there a new and relatively cheap compiled Munster troops - Waiting was trumps, despite quite cautious style of play on both sides were many mistakes to admire. The 1860 center-back Dennis Erdmann, who was brought in as an aggressive leader, showed after a few minutes that he was an aggressive leader when he picked up a yellow card to stop a counterattack - there was nothing more worth seeing. The first corner resulted in a counter-opportunity, but played miserably Münster. "As in the first half, we can not play football in the third division," Bierofka complained. "We had far too few runs in the depths."

The first scoring chance of the game led to the first goal. Preußen captain Julian Schauerte sat down remarkably easily on the right side against defender Phillipp Steinhart, pulled inwards and shot on goal, in the first half completely unfortunate Erdmann faked the ball to 0: 1 (32). Sixty became a bit more punchy and came with a header from Herbert Paul after a corner also to his first opportunity.

Congratulations to the match: Daniel Wein (left) and Sascha Mölders (right) rush to penalties Phillipp Steinhart.

(Photo: Sebastian Widmann / Getty)

With a 1: 1 odds and a score of 0: 1 it was the break, the game could only be better - both from a neutral point of view and from a lion perspective. And then it was, quite fast: Benjamin Kindsvater was brought down on the edge of the penalty area by Nico Brandenburger, Steinhart converted the penalty (51.) sovereign (51.), and the compensation gave the Munich uplift. Much more courageous and purposeful, they now showed their audience, which had been somewhat disillusioned at recess and now again in the Grünwalder intoxication. Simon Seferings substitute Dennis Dressel attempted a long-range shot (54 '), an attempt by Marius Willsch was just cleared for a corner (62'), and strong Efkan Bekiroglu missed a Willsch cross (68 '). , also in the 78th minute substitute 18-year-old wing-striker Fabian Greilinger provided for operation. "That was the power football I wanted to see, only in the penalty area we were sometimes a step too late," Bierofka said.

In the 80th minute then cheered jubilation - but not because of a leading goal, but because returnee director Timo Gebhart came on as a substitute. In extra time Sascha Mölders shot just over the crossbar, then it was over. Goalkeeper Hendrik Bonmann concluded: "In the second half we showed that we are alive." Everything else would have been strange on the first matchday.

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