News : TSV 1860 Munich to open draw against Münster – Sport

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TSV 1860 Munich to open draw against Münster - Sport

After the arrears comes the TSV 1860 Munich in the first game of the season still to a draw. Cheers are the substitution of a returnee.

The TSV 1860 Munich has played in the first season game of the 3rd league 1: 1 (0: 1) against Prussia Münster. Julian Schauerte (32.) had brought Münster in the lead in the first half of the traditional clubs in the lead, Philipp Steinhart (51.) met shortly after the break by penalty kick to equalize.

The opening defensemen were deservedly deserved after a not very exciting first half, but in the more entertaining second round the sixties became stronger. "As bad as our first half was, so good was the second," said Munich coach Daniel Bierofka at MagentaSport: "We tried to play a bit of football in the beginning and a bit is not enough at that level, in the second half then you saw how much power we have. "

After the acclaimed substitution of returnee Timo Gebhart (80th) pushed Munich even on the victory. The former Under-21 international was not signed until the beginning of the week thanks to a sponsorship of investor Hasan Ismaik, making it a "lion" for the third time in his career.

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