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Tubolito cycling cameras - Analysis, opinion and purchase

Tubolito cycling cameras review

A few months ago the Tubolito cycling cameras, a true technological revolution that is presented as a magnificent alternative for take weight off the bike and incidentally increase puncture resistance.

As a good student I have to do my homework and I could not miss the opportunity to add to our cycling material section the complete and detailed analysis of Tubolito cameras. A product that in the most rabid today is generating a lot of debate. In the opinion section I will try to solve all your doubts but if you still feel indecision you can send us your voice through the comments section.

We start!

Tubolite camera analysis

The arrival of the tubeless (tires without cameras) to the world of MTB has practically forgotten the classic camera and cover system, something similar to what happened long ago on the road with the tubular. However, not everyone wants to spend extra money on the assembly of a tubeless system. Also, in case of suffering a puncture, there is nothing more practical than to repair quickly by removing the tire and placing a new camera.

Cyclists are looking for comfort and to avoid running the risk of being pulled training, many choose to pay attention to the old school. Faced with this problem Tubolito has the solution. It offers us some Superlight cycling cameras with half the weight compared to a conventional camera, a system of high puncture resistance and much smaller dimensions. The brand manufactures all its products entirely in Austria and offers cameras for both road cycling and MTB and for different types of valve and tire profile.

Tubolito is the commercial response to an indirect request from the market and it is that cycling cameras had been without variations for more than 25 years.

tubolito cycling camera weight "width =" 640 "height =" 367
It is not only gained in lightness but also in space and comfort.

When the weight makes the difference

Often athletes eat our heads thinking about how to lose weight with cycling, completely forgetting that the material also has an important impact on the weight-to-power ratio.

Finding a medium should be mandatory and it is of little use to eat lettuce and fruit at each meal if you then go with a heavier 3 kilos bike.

Removing ballast for many becomes practically an obsession in order to take advantage when the road begins to itch upwards. The problem comes when you go with a bike more than decent and every gram you want to lighten comes out at the price of gold.

Tubolito cameras are the cheaper way to take weight off the bike. For just over 20 euros you can save up to 250 grams of weight. The 125 grams difference per wheel between a conventional chamber and a Tubolito is a negligible figure. Note that There is no component in the market that allows you to remove so much weight in exchange for so little money. Try to reduce 200 grams by changing the wheels or the saddle and you will quickly realize that my words are not right.

In addition, you should keep in mind that by default the camera and tire tires are lighter than those of tubeless so the reduction can be even higher.

The brand markets different camera models, the most common being the MTB tube camera and the camera road tube. In addition, other special models for E-bikes, BMX bicycles and city bikes are offered. The models are available in different valve dimensions and in the usual wheel sizes (29 ’, 27.5’ and 26 ’)

Unisex Tubolito - Adult Tube-Road Bicycle Camera, PWTU37, Orange, 700C - 60mm
Price: € 21.99

Tubolito cameras review

It is true that Tubolito cameras are still a whim within a tremendously sybarite sector, but personally I have to say that with Tubolito cameras and unlike other products I see a useful sense to buy.

The cameras are true that they are more resistant and that protect you better from punctures So in economic terms you can also assess the real cost of the theoretical repairs you would have with a normal camera.

The weight is still a factor to consider for all those cyclists who compete, so you can always use the Tubolito option as a economical alternative to take weight off your bike.

I think that the purchase of Tubolito cameras is worth it and I really give a lot of value to a product that has managed to find its place in a sector of the market that technologically seemed blocked.

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