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Türkgücü Munich - Just before the thunder - sports in the region

The favorite is established after victory over Memmingen at the top. It does not all happen with the newcomer. Coach Maurer sees reasons for this - and defends himself against "million troops" rumors.

By Christoph Leischwitz, Kirchheim

Since everything is on the back, said Robert Hettich after the game over the jersey of Patrick Hasenhüttl: "Two goals made, two penalties brought out," explained the CEO of Türkgücü Munich his little numbers. Fittingly, the player with the number 22 is currently also 22 years old. He was involved in three goals in the 4-2 win over FC Memmingen by the Turkish club: in the tenth minute, after a counterattack, he brought out the first penalty, which Yasin Yilmaz subsequently converted; The 2-0 he did himself with a dry, unsustainable shot after the Allgäu did not bring the ball out of harm's way (25). The 3-0 fell to him then quite easy after Yilmaz by hoe had unlocked worth seeing (40.). In between, captain Yilmaz had also missed a penalty after Hasenhüttl was again fouled in the penalty area. After the game was the 1.90-meter striker in the cabin of SV Heimstetten, where Türkgücü hosts his home games until the winter. "Three goals after three games, so I can not complain," he said contentedly.

"We started to wobble then, especially at standards," Maurer said

So was the son of coach Ralph Hasenhüttl on Saturday for all that is currently going well with newly promoted Türkgücü. Although coach Reiner Maurer has not tired since the start of the season to refer to the many injured in the squad. But in Hasenhüttl you can also see that a long-term plan has already come a long way. If all players were healthy, the Austrian would probably have gotten much less time. But the squad is about as broad as Hasenhüttl's Cross, and they are all highly motivated. Because all of them want to land in professional football, "of course, with Türkgücü," says Hasenhüttl. If only because he comes from Munich. All have different individual reasons. Hasenhüttl, for example, refers to his difficult 2018/19 season with several injuries. In the forced relegation FC Ingolstadt II his contract was not renewed.

But not everything runs smoothly at Türkgücü. Despite the comfortable 3-0 lead at break, the game was again exciting. Not a minute after the restart Memmingen's Fatjon Celani hit the ball after a corner and a header with his chest over the line. It developed an open game with good chances on both sides. Then the referee showed in the 78th minute for the third time on the penalty spot: Türkgücüs Stefan guard had gone a little too impetuously in a duel. Celani converted to 2: 3, and now it was not clear whether a lightning or a goal would follow next. It started to rain, the humid heat gave way to a refreshing downpour, Türkgücü revived, Dominik Weiß scored the decisive 4: 2 (85.) after a perfectly performed counterattack.

Two cornerstones are soon back: Kasim Rabihic probably, Furkan Kircicek pretty sure

Coach Maurer seemed a bit more tense during the game than last, he often called in the field, the former Memminger coach also delivered some word duels with club representatives from the homeland. "We started to wobble then, especially at standards," he later said. He is satisfied with nine points from four games, but "unfortunately, one has also noted uncertainty." Some are new to the team - almost all of them are, in fact - and they realize that they lack the "cornerstones" and thus self-assurance.

Türkgücü started on Saturday with seven U-23 players. This is another reason why Maurer gets louder and louder when he is addressed to the high expectations of his team and the club. "People are fooled into thinking that we have a million troops here because we do not know where to go with coal, people read that, and then they multiply in their heads." In fact, many things are being collocated. A regional league rival once said of three million euros annual budget. At the edge of the field or at the regulars' table, it quickly becomes four million or more. If you omit the multipliers, then the lowest you can hear is 1.5 million euros.

Some cornerstones soon return: Kasim Rabihic (strain) likely, Furkan Kircicek (concussion) pretty sure. So far, the team has not been able to convince a game over 90 minutes. The reasons for this have clearly given coach Maurer. But they are likely to be less and less.

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