News : Two aspects that you have to know how to combine to have complete health

News : Two aspects that you have to know how to combine to have complete health

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the combination of physical exercise and remote work has become essential for people’s health

Without a doubt, the coronavirus pandemic has had a great impact on society as a whole, something that can be seen reflected in the business sector, as more and more people work from home. In other words, many employees have had to change the classic office environment for a comfortable space at home. However the telecommuting it can have long-term negative consequences.

And it is that in general, this method of work is closely related to the increase of sedentary lifestyle, so that employees must take measures in this regard to take care of their health. Therefore, the most appropriate thing is for workers to adopt some solutions that have to do with maintain a correct posture, and with performing a series of physical exercises to strengthen the abdominal and lumbar area.

In the first case, the posture of the back is essential, since bad positions can cause a lot of pain. To avoid problems in this regard, experts recommend having spacious and comfortable spaces, which must be perfectly equipped with desk chairs ergonomic. Also, employees should not remain seated on the desk chair more than one hour.

Why is the desk chair so important?

As mentioned above, today teleworking is a real reality that is part of people’s lives. And is that many businesses have been forced to adopt this method of work, since they do not have enough space in the offices. For this reason, employees have transferred their Workplace home, so they have had to transform some room of the house.

It can therefore be said that homes have become improvised offices, however, people do not have the office furniture necessary. In this situation, the most advisable thing is to create a comfortable space, where of course, you can not miss a office chair ergonomic. This element is perfect to avoid back pain, since its backrest helps to maintain a correct posture.

Also, these desk chairs they must integrate a comfortable cushion and an armrest. Because, as with sneakers, office chairs are key when it comes to improving people’s health, as long as they meet some quality standards. It is not enough to buy just any desk chair, but you have to analyze the different models on the market and learn how to use it correctly.

What physical exercises can be done at home?

Maintaining a comfortable posture is essential to avoid suffering back problemsHowever, teleworking employees should also pay attention to other aspects that are related to rest and sports, especially the latter. Exercising is always important, but in these times of COVID-19, sport has become a great tool to strengthen the body.

Numerous studies have shown that physical exercise helps reduce the risk of back pain, so here are a few simple exercises that can be done at home. These are highly recommended for employees who telecommute, since thanks to them they can stretch the body.

Breathing exercise

To begin with, it is best to do a breathing exercise. In this case we have chosen exercise 4-7-8, which consists of performing several controlled breaths. First of all, people must sit properly and place the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth. Subsequently, you have to exhale through the mouth -4 seconds-, inhale through the nose -7 seconds- and exhale through the mouth -8 seconds-.

Trunk stretch

Another ideal physical exercise is trunk stretch, since it helps to warm up the muscles and keep them more flexible. On this occasion, people have to sit up and lift their arms up, using force to fully stretch their back. After holding out for a few seconds, specialists advise you to rest for 1 minute and repeat the exercise again – do 3 or 4 sets.

Exercise the neck

The neck is probably one of the parts of the human body that suffers the most during the workday, so it is very important to exercise it from time to time. Therefore, it is best to do swings with the neck. A very easy physical exercise, since you just have to straighten your spine and lower your head slowly to your chin – hold for 10 seconds. Then the same process is repeated backwards.

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