News : Two black athletes and their baby denounce racist abuse by the English police

News :

Two black athletes and their baby denounce racist abuse by the English police

Image of arrest in Britain

European champion Bianca Williams and her partner, the Portuguese national record holder of 400 Ricardo dos Santos, were driving with their three-month-old baby quietly in their Mercedes when were intercepted by the British Metropolitan Police. As the video recorded by the couple itself shows, more than five agents surround the vehicle and force them to get off for no apparent reason. The screaming follows as they reduce Dos Santos and Williams, with the baby in the back of the vehicle, imploring asking what they have done and logically scared for their son.

Shutdown 15 times after buying the Mercedes

According to the Sunday The Sunday Times ’and reported by the athletes themselves, both were on their way to training and believe that they attracted the attention of the police as they were black and were driving a high-end car. Dos Santos has indicated that He has been stopped by the Police on no less than fifteen occasions since he changed his previous vehicle, a Nissan, for the Mercedes. in November 2017. “It is always the same story with Ricardo. They believe that you are driving a stolen car or that you are smoking marijuana. It is because of his race, because of the way he speaks (English), as if he were scum ... ", comments his wife, member of the 4 × 100 quartet champion of Europe in 2018.

Undoubtedly, a sad story that deserves to be analyzed and studied by the relevant authorities and to take the necessary measures once everything is clarified, but the images in the video are quite overwhelming. Dos Santos has a personal mark in 400, his specialty, of 45:14 achieved in the Berlin European 2018 and which are still valid as the Record of Portugal.

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