News : Tyler Skaggs is dead: baseball star dies at just 27 years old

News :

Tyler Skaggs is dead: baseball star dies at just 27 years old

Tyler Skaggs passed away at the age of 27 Image: imago images / UPI Photo / spot on news

Just two days after the last game for his team, 27-year-old Tyler Skaggs was killed in a hotel room on Monday Texas discovered. In oneStatement on Twitterconfirmed the baseballTeam of los Angeles Angels the death of the player.

Cause of death unclear! Tyler Skaggs found dead in hotel room

A police statement saidIt was an emergency call to an unconscious man in a hotel room. When the police arrived, the man had stopped responding and was pronounced dead. About the cause of death so far apparently nothing is known. But there is currently no evidence of a crime, the police say. A police spokesman told the Los Angeles Times that suicide is being ruled out.

Los Angeles Angels mourn for dead baseball star

"With great sadness we announce that Tyler Skaggs has died in Texas today, Tyler has always been an important part of the Angels family and our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Carli and his entire family" It is called by the Los Angeles Angels. The MLB team is currently in Texas. After news of the death of Tyler Skaggs, the team's game against the Texas Rangers scheduled for Monday night was canceled.

On Sunday, Skaggs still had a picture on Instagram posted his Angels teammates on an airfield - all with cowboy hats. He had written: "Howdy you all. #TexasRoadstrip." Under this post, numerous fans now gather and express their grief.

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