News : U21 European Championship: France wins crazy game against England

News :

U21 European Championship: France wins crazy game against England

England - France 1: 2

1: 0 Foden (55th), 1: 1 icon (89th), 1: 2 Wan-Bissaka (94th, own goal)

Special events: Dembélé (France) misses penalty (25th), Choudhury sees the red card (63rd), Aouar (France) misses penalty (66th)

England: Henderson - Dasilva, Clarke-Salter, Tomori, Wan-Bissaka - Foden, Choudhury, Maddison - Gray (Abraham, 75.), Solanke (Mount, 71.), Sessegnon (Calvert-Lewin, 75.)
Bernardoni - Dagba, Konaté, Upamecano, Ballo Toure - Reine-Adelaide, Tousart (Mateta, 73.), Aouar, (Thuram, 83.) Icon - Dembélé, Bamba

The game in the ticker log

90. + 6 minutes: The final whistle!

90th + 4 minutes: Tooor for France! After a corner, Wan-Bissaka hits the ball unhappily and hits his own net! 1: 2.

90th Minute: Five minutes stoppage time!

89 minutes: Tooor for France! Icon comes over right, pulls in the middle and shoots left unstoppable in the short corner. 1: 1.

86 minutes: And again fails Dembélé! The striker moves into the 16 and pulls off from eight yards, but his attempt is not optimally placed and goes past the box.

82 minutes: Icon moves into the middle and fires a hard left shot, but Henderson shows a great save, preventing the equalizer.

80th minute: France tries everything to equalize here, but despite being outnumbered, the English are very adept at this.

71st minute: Good opportunity for France. Icon comes to a close after a rebound - but hammers the leather just over the box from 20 meters.

69th minute: Due to the red card, the Englishman with the lead in the back now switch back to gear.

66th. Minute: Aouar occurs .... and hammering the thing to the post!

63 minutes: Penalty for France! Bamba is clear in the 16s - there is no debate. After the referee looks at the scene again, he sends Choudhury off in red!

60 minutes: no goal! Solanke plays the ball in the middle, where Gray pushes the ball over the line, but Solanke was previously offside!

55 minutes: Tooor for England! And what a thing! Foden grabs the ball in midfield and prevails against four opponents before he hits the ball in the long corner. 1: 0th

47th. Minute: Dembélé forgives his third giant chance! The striker receives a meticulous steep pass in the barrel and pulls from 16 meters centrally - misses the gate but clearly.

46th. Minute: Continue!

21:47: Some statistics after 45 minutes:

Possession: 48% (England) - 52% (France)

Shots: 3 (England) - 4 (France)

Played passes: 260 (England) - 290 (France)

45th + 1 minute: Halftime in Cesena!

42nd minute: And again England! Gray picks up speed and overruns Upamecano and Konaté! Before the 16er pulls off Gray left, but his attempt is just over the crossbar.

39th minute: Foden plays a soft-footed through ball to Solanke again, but this time the striker from Upamecano is separated from the ball.

35 minutes: The next big chance - this time again for France. Aouar puts Dembélé in the spot with a great pass. The striker runs alone to the box, but finds his master again in Henderson.

Minute: Gray takes a long pass technically flawless and runs alone on Barnardoni! Gray chooses the short corner, but only hits the outside net.

25th Minute: Dembéle occurs and does not hit! Henderson is in the right corner and can parry that penalty!

24th Minute: Penalty for France! After a cross comes Reine-Adelaide to the header and Clarke stops this attempt clearly with the hand.

22nd minute: After the pressure phase of the Englishman, the French now hold the ball in their own ranks, to gain security and to bring the opponent out of rhythm.

17th Minute: France is swimming in these minutes. Foden leads the ball and takes Gray. This crosses to the fives, where Solanke is free and pushes the leather on the long corner ... but the ball flies centimeters past the post.

14th Minute: What a chance! Foden with a fantastic pass on Sessegnon. The outside striker runs alone in the 16er and lays across to Solanke. Konaté grabs in between and hits his own post!

12th minute: Now the French are pushing very high for the first time and are standing with five players on the opposing 16er. England has problems quickly - the ball is gone.

7th Minute: First hot situation! After a corner, Solanke heads for Fiver, but Bernardoni comes out of the box and deflects the header. Strong parade of the French goalkeeper.

5th minute: Dembélé picks up speed on the left wing, but Wan-Bissaka throws himself into this duel and sees the happier ending.

3rd minute: Foden moves into the 16er, but Upamecano proves perfect positional play and separates the Englishman from the ball.

2nd minute: Calm start in Cesena. The respect for each other is still clear. Both teams first pay attention to being safe and finding their way into this game.

1st Minute: Let's go - the ball rolls!

20:53: The national team enter the lawn - after the anthems you can start!

20:09: The lists are known! France start with two Leipzig defenders, in England city talent Phil Foden is in the starting eleven.

8 pm: After the German U21 national team against Denmark successfully started the tournament, it will start today in Group C, where the football nations England and France meet.

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