News : U21 European Championship: Germany draws 1-1 against Austria in the semifinals

News :

U21 European Championship: Germany draws 1-1 against Austria in the semifinals

Austria - Germany 1: 1

0: 1 Waldschmidt (14th), 1: 1 Danso (24, penalty)

Austria: Schlager - Ullmann, Posch, Danso, Friedl - Lienhart, Ljubicic (Baumgartner, 54.) - Balic (Honsak, 85.), Schlager, Horvath - Kalajdzic (Grbic, 78.)
Nübel - Klostermann, Tah, Baumgartl, Henrichs - Eggestein (Koch, 83.), Neuhaus (Serdar, 56.), Dahoud, Öztunali - Waldschmidt, Richter (Amiri, 56.)

The essentials in brief: Germany's U21 footballers have made it perfect in the semi-finals and qualifying for the 2020 Olympics with a draw in the third European Championship game. The selection of coach Stefan Kuntz handed on Sunday in Udine in the third round match a 1-1 (1-1) against Austria for the group victory.

Thus, the DFB youngsters is the third time in a row in the semifinals of a U21 European Championship. The opponent in the match on Thursday is not fixed yet. Striker Luca Waldschmidt had shot the German team with his fifth tournament goal in the lead (14th minute), Augsburg Kevin Danso managed in front of 9100 spectators the equalizer (24./Foulelfmeter).

The game in the ticker log

90th + 4 minutes: Final whistle in Udine - the DFB team is in the semifinals!

90. + 2 minutes: Again Austria with a degree, but Nübel parries for sure!

90 minutes: Three minutes extra time in Udine!

89th minute: Far ahead, the DFB-Elf now the Austrians - and thus keeps the leather far away from their own gate ...

84th minute: Ullmann finishes at the second post, but Baumgartl throws himself into the path and clears the corner.

80th Minute: Öztunali fights the leather and pulls with speed on the right wing. Waldschmidt expects a pass, but does not notice that he is already off the beaten track for several meters. Öztunali has to solve the situation alone - and concludes with a harmless shot.

76th minute: After a foul on Dahou the DFB-Elf has a free kick opportunity from 22 meters. Amiri is ready and targets the short post - but only hits the outside net!

73 minutes: No team can win the upper water in these minutes. Both teams have their defenses much better under control, which is why there are not as many goalscoring scenes as in the first half.

71st minute: Waldschmidt gets a nice pass and moves in the 16, but Danso is present and separates the Freiburg from the ball.

66 minutes: Now the DFB team is back. Waldschmidt sends Öztunali. The Mainzer picks up speed and penetrates into the 16er. Öztunali wants to serve the running Amiri, but his pass is a tad too far - the Hoffenheim does not come to the ball.

62nd minute: The game is now much more physical. More and more often a player is on the ground, less and less football is played.

57 minutes: Nübel again saves the DFB team from the backlog. Balic conquers the ball and runs alone on the gate - Nübel stops for a long time and can parry!

55th minute: Waldschmidt tries again with a shot from a distance - but spoils.

48th minute: Ritter breaks through on the left wing and crosses the second post. There Öztunali unscrews, but still does not come to the ball.

46th. Minute: Continue! No personnel changes.

21:46: Some statistics after 45 minutes:

Possession: 45% (Austria) - 55% (Germany)

Shots: 8 (Austria) - 3 (Germany)

Played passes: 243 (Austria) - 315 (Germany)

45th + 2 minutes: Halftime in Udine! The DFB-Elf can look forward to this whistle, the Austrians had very good chances in the last minutes.

45. + 1 minute: And again Austria! After a cross Nübel comes out, but Kalajdzic comes first to the ball, but only hits the post!

43 minutes: Wow! After a corner, Friedl comes out of the backcourt and fires a dropkick, which just barely crosses the crossbar. Nübel would have had no chance.

41 minutes: What a chance! Ritter gets a ball through and hits the ball with a lot of pressure in the middle, where Öztunali is alone in front of the box but fails to hit the ball. Although Ritter was not kim offside, nevertheless the linesman has the flag above.

36th minute: Very intense game in Udine! Germany and Austria donate absolutely nothing - it goes up and down!

34th Minute: What a parade of Nübel! After a cross Kalajdzic comes from three meters free to the header, but the Schalke keeper parried with an amazing reflex!

30th minute: Richter asserts himself in a duel against Danso and runs from an acute angle to Schlager. Ritter tries it directly, but fails at the Austrian goalkeeper.

28 minutes: Ritter directs the ball directly to Öztunali, who plays the ball hard in the middle, but finds no taker.

24th. Minute: Danso enters and turns into the lower left corner. 1: 1.

22nd Minute: Penalty for Austria! After a free-kick Nübel comes out, fishes the leather from the air, but meets Kalajdzic with the knee in the face! The referee points immediately to the point.

18th minute: The Austrians are impressed by the dream goal of Waldschmidt. The initial pressure is over for now - the DFB team is now setting the tone.

14th Minute: Tooor for Germany! And what a dream goal! Waldschmidt receives the ball 25 meters in front of goal, turns once and fires the ball from a standing position untenable in the angle! 0: 1st

13 minutes: The giant chance for Austria to lead! Horvath prevails, runs into the 16 and plays a fixed cross pass to Kalajdzic. Nübel has already beaten, but also the striker missed close.

11th minute: After the powerful start of the Austrians, the tide turns slowly. The ball runs through the ranks of the DFB team, who now prepare their opponent.

9th minute: Richter flanks the ball to the fiver, where Waldschmidt is already waiting, but Posch grabs in between and clears.

7th minute: Ullmann comes over the left side and plays the ball dangerous in the middle, but again Tah is right and clears the corner. This results in no danger.

4th minute: The Austrians start with courage, speed and commitment. The elf from Gregoritsch also has chances to progress - and believe in it.

3rd Minute: There would have been more in it! Öztunali plays the ball on Dahoud. The Dortmund player has plenty of time and space, but his steep pass to Ritter is very imprecise - the chance is over.

1st minute: The Austrians send Kalajdzic with a long straight pass, but Tah is on the ball and clears the ball.

1 minute: The ball rolls!

20:54: The teams come to the square - after the hymns it can start!

20.40 clock: Stefan Kuntz ....

... about the Uno rounds of the players: "There are things, as a coach leaves the nose out - including the player evenings."

... about the team spirit: "The guys have internalized the true team spirit, I'm very happy, but we have not achieved anything yet."

... on the same starting grid as against Serbia: "We know that a line-up can change quickly, today we have chosen the same, but that may change in the next game!"

20:03: The national team are already inspecting the lawn - in less than an hour you can start!

19:02: U21 national coach Stefan Kuntz does not want to deal with the pitfalls of the mode and a possible retirement before the final European Championship group match against Austria. "We have it in our own hands, that's the best starting position you can have," said Kuntz before the match on Sunday night in Udine. With a win or a draw, the German U21 footballers would certainly be in the semifinals. In a defeat would threaten despite premature two wins and 9: 2 goals in two games premature Aus.

19.00 clock: Welcome to the live ticker of FOCUS Online. With the third victory in the third game, the German U21 footballers want to make the leap to the semi-finals at the European Championships in Italy and San Marino. Against Austria, the selection of coach Stefan Kuntz on Sunday in Udine already a point to advance - and thus for the participation in the Summer Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo.

Thus, the defending champion would certainly group first and in the knockout round. Even with a narrow defeat and a simultaneous victory of the Danes in a parallel match against Serbia Germany would be group winners. But even a direct retirement or second place would still be possible. In second place, the Kuntz-Eleven would have to worry about Monday night for the semi-final move, since only the best of three second moves into the knockout round.

In the video: goalkeeper block, posts, Abstauber: Firmino gate is one of the strangest of the year

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