News : U21 European Championship: Germany – Serbia in live ticker

News :

U21 European Championship: Germany - Serbia in live ticker

Germany - Serbia 2: 0

Goals: 1: 0 Richter (16), 2: 0 Waldschmidt (30)

Germany: Nübel - Henrichs, Klostermann, Tah, Baumgartl - Eggestein, Öztunali, Dahoud, Neuhaus - Richter, Waldschmidt
Radunovic - Bogosavac, Babic, Milenkovic, Gajic - Pantic, Račic, Lukic, Radonjic, Živkovic - Jovic

30th Minute: Tooor for Germany! Florian Neuhaus gets the ball in midfield and the Germans switch at lightning speed. Neuhaus fits the judge on the left. His pass to the middle of Waldschmidt lands exactly. The Freiburger has only to insert.

29 minutes: Next attack of the Germans on the right side. Klostermann is clearly offside here. Free kick Serbia.

28 minutes: Almost the winged Radonjic comes back on the left wing of the ball on the ball, but the Germans clarify in time for the corner, which introduces no danger.

26th minute: Milenkovic gets the yellow card for his hard start against Öztunali. The Serb is missing in the final group match against Denmark.

24th minute: Radonjic is fast on the left wing of the road. The owners of Olympique Marseille, the Germans get so far only with difficulty.

22nd minute: Germany again dangerous! Richter and Öztunali get several times the chance to finish ahead of Radunovic. The Serbian keeper defends confidently to the corner.

20 minutes: Serbia is now deep in the German half. A cross on Jovic brings but no danger, because Jonathan Tah uses his body against the brawny Serbs skillfully.

18th minute: What a sensational start of the German junior team. And now there is free kick for Germany. Waldschmidt's flank is clearly too short.

16 minutes: Tooor for Germany! And again it is Richter. An ingenious pass from Öztunali into the interface. Richter latches the outraged Serbian keeper Radunovic. 1: 0 for the German U-21.

14th minute: Bogosavac plays a pass to the left-hand Aißenbahn, where Radonjic makes a sharp cross. Alexander Nübel is attentive and can catch the ball without any problems.

12th minute: Neuhaus with a great pass on the right run Klostermann. The Leipzig with a pass in the middle of the penalty area. Waldschmidt does not come to the ball.

9th minute: Florian Neuhaus gets for the first time place in midfield and just pulls off from a good 20 meters. His shot passes just over the right post.

8th minute: Dangerous! Waldschmidt plays a great pass on Richter, but Gajic gets his foot in between and clears the corner. The corner kick brings but no danger.

6th minute: First long ball on Jovic, but Jonathan Tah uses his body skillfully and brings out the kick for the German team.

4th minute: In the initial phase is really fast pace in the game. First Jonathan Tah beats a high cross to Richter, who runs into the Serbian penalty area. Then Serbia switches very fast, but the decisive pass in the depth is played too imprecisely.

2nd minute: First dangerous attack of Serbs. On the left side Babic beats just a sharp edge, which is a bit too high and no taker finds.

1st minute: The ball is rolling! Serbia kick off and play in the first half from right to left.

20:59: The referee of today's game is István Kovács from Romania.

20:57: Both teams enter the turf in Trieste. First, the Serbian national anthem sounds. The second preliminary round match for the German U-21 team begins immediately.

20.50 clock: How does Jonathan Tah Real's new signing Luka Jovic get a handle on today? U-21 coach Stefan Kuntz just answered the question in the ARD interview: "He'll show you right away!" We can be curious.

20.45 clock: Germany's Group B ended the match between Denmark and Austria. The Danes prevailed 3-1 against the Austrians. Lienhart scored the Austrians shortly after the half to 1: 1. Double goalkeeper Mæhle scored in the 33rd minute for the 1-0 lead and increased in the 77th minute to the interim 2: 1. The final point was set by Olsen (90.) to a 3-1 victory.

8.30 pm: The venue of today's game is the Stadio Nereo Rocco in Trieste. A total of 26,565 spectators fit into the stadium, which opened in October 1992.

8:20 pm: The only personnel change compared to the Denmark game: Florian Neuhaus (Borussia Mönchengladbach) comes for Arne Maier (Hertha BSC Berlin) from the beginning.

8 pm: Against Serbia Stefan Kuntz sends the following grid on the field:

19.30 clock: Welcome to the live ticker of VIP News. Stefan Kuntz did not want to say too many words about exceptional performers Luka Jovic. "I probably know him even less than you," said the U21 national coach on a similar question before the second German first round match against Serbia with the previous top scorer of the Frankfurt on Thursday in Trieste. "If a player at Eintracht Frankfurt itself developed so that he then goes to Real Madrid, that says a lot, "said Kuntz.

The most important information in advance:

STARTING POINT: The German young footballers have won their first match 3: 1 against Denmark and could make another big step towards the semi-finals with another victory. Serbia, on the other hand, surprisingly lost Austria 0-2 and is now required. "I think there will be a response from the Serbian side tomorrow because they were not satisfied with the first game," said Kuntz.

OPPONENT: Jovic, who moves from Eintracht Frankfurt to Real Madrid in the summer for an estimated 60 to 70 million euros, is by far the most famous player of the Serbs. "If we all focus on him, the other Serbs will have a nice game," warned Kuntz. "We are preparing for eleven players with a high individual ability." This includes the talent of defense Nikola Milenkovic of the Fiorentina, in which several top-club should be interested.

STAFF: All 23 players in the German squad are fit - whether Kuntz will change its starting eleven against the 3-1 victory against Denmark, he left open on Wednesday. "All in all, I have to say that the base that set the team was pretty good too," he said. It could be a change in the defensive midfield, where Berlin's Arne Maier made his comeback against Denmark after a long injury break and was replaced at half-time after a weaker performance.

AND OTHERWISE? The mood in defending champions Germany's EM quarter is good, the opening success has brought relief. "Of course, such a first-time win is good," said Kuntz. "If we win, we have six points, that's our goal," said defender Benjamin Henrichs. "I think we have a lot of plans here." The three group winners and the best runners-up make the leap into the semi-finals - six points would be a good basis.

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