News : U21 European Championship qualification: Germany starts with a clear victory in Wales

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U21 European Championship qualification: Germany starts with a clear victory in Wales

The German U21 started with a clear victory in qualifying for the European Football Championship 2021. In the first competitive match after the lost European Championship final against Spain, the newly formed selection of coach Stefan Kuntz in Wales prevailed 5: 1 (4: 0). Robin Hack (19./24./29 minutes), Johannes Eggestein (41.) and Adrian Fein (50.) scored for Germany, Thomas Harris converted a hand penalty for Wales (48.).

The DFB selection, which started with only two under-21 European champions in the starting eleven, was initially difficult. Wales came in better and better, but in the middle of the strongest phase of the British side, Hack (19th) was the leading scorer of the game, and five minutes later he was fortunate enough to score with a Welshman goal (24). Shortly afterwards, Hack headed for the third goal (29.).

The DFB-Elf continued to present themselves efficiently, just before the break Eggestein hit the head (41.). A hand penalty helped the hosts to score (48.), but virtually in return met Fein to 5: 1 (50).

In October, the German team must compete in a qualifier in Bosnia and Herzegovina after a friendly against Spain. Other opponents are Moldova and Belgium. The nine group winners and the best second placed qualify directly for the European Championship finals in Hungary and Slovenia.

Wales - Germany 1: 5 (0: 4)
0: 1 Hack (19.)
0: 2 Hack (24.)
0: 3 Hack (29.)
0: 4 Johannes Eggestein (41.)
1: 4 Harris (48th, hand penalty)
1: 5 fine (50th)
: Ratcliffe - Coxe, Poole, Cabango, Norrington-Davies - Burton, Evans (66th Stirk) - Cullen (66th Lewis), Harris, Mooney (86th Cooper) - Johnson (76th Clifton)
Germany: Schubert - Ridle Baku, Kilian, Chabot, Schlotterbeck (70th craftsman) - Janelt - Johannes Eggestein, Fein (59th Burnic), cod (59th Özcan), Hack (70th Makana Baku) - Serra (59th Nmecha)
referee: Musial (Poland)
Yellow card: Burton / -
spectator: 841

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