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U21 European Championship squad: offspring for Jogi - Sport

  • Not too long ago, German football was considered to be immensely damaged.
  • At least the juniors now prove that this does not seem to be the case with the offspring.
  • Goalkeepers like Nübel and strikers such as Waldschmidt could sooner or later take this appearance into the senior team.
From Sebastian Fischer, Bologna

Sometimes it only takes 45 minutes to solve a problem that was thought to be a tedious one. Germany's U21, European champion of 2017, is back on Sunday in the final of the Junior European Championship against Spain, because they won in the semi-final against Romania in the second half after 1: 2 still 4-2. The German Football Association (DFB) then sent out a quote from his vice president Reinhard Rauball, which read like a defiant statement: "At every turn you hear that it is not well ordered for the German offspring disproved. " The exclamation point had to be thought of.

So all right, a year after the preliminary round of the A-Eleven at the World Cup in Russia? Or how sustainable is the success of the U21 in Italy really? An overview of the protagonists.


It was very seldom quiet in the stadium of Bologna on Thursday, 10 000 Romanians celebrated a feast. It would have been late if Alexander Nübel had not even silenced the fans before half-time. Striker George Puscas extended the ball with his head to the goal, the 1: 3, everyone thought. But then Nübel once lay in the air and stopped. The goalkeeper of FC Schalke is one for such parades, already in the 1-1 draw against Austria, he pulled on the line the left leg up to hold a header from less than five meters away. But he also went under a cross, played a pass, what should be better than goalkeeper, and caused a penalty. Nübel, 22, who was a long time field player at SC Paderborn in his youth and rarely had goalkeeper training, became the number one on Schalke in the winter and aroused the interest of Bayern, who likes to sit in Italy with the caretakers (because of the offside Topics of conversation), in the sum plays a strong EM. But he also has to improve, in the penalty area, for example.

Alexander Nübel.

(Photo: Alessandro Sabattini / Getty Images)

One for Jogi? Since then the imageNewspaper in training camp from an interview made the headline "Kampfansage an ter Stegen", he speaks in Italy only reluctant with journalists. That was a bit too much for him. But there is little objection that he will compete with the keeper of FC Barcelona sometime for the successor of Manuel Neuer.


Before the tournament Jonathan Tah, 23, sounded almost like a father whom his children exceptionally took to the concert. "That I may witness this again!", Said the captain of the team, who had missed the past European Championship injured and with nine inserts in the A-Elf has the most experience in the squad. Also before the tournament he explained how the U21 helped him in his development. "Because I was a captain, I also had to get louder, which is not really in my nature," he said. After the 6: 1 against Serbia he held in the cabin a speech to the reservists. When 1: 1 against Austria, he was loud. After beating Romania, coach Stefan Kuntz said he saw "a form of arrogance" in the first half. But Tah was the defender who radiated calm in the otherwise rickety back four. "A bear," Kuntz once called him.

Jonathan Tah.

(Photo: Alessandro Sabattini / Getty Images)

One for Jogi? Is Tah as full-back Lukas Klostermann long ago, but soon perhaps more often in the starting eleven. A return of the suspended against Romania full back Benjamin Henrichs in the A-Eleven should not be mutually exclusive. Otherwise, defending from the defensive just no one on.


If it was just talent, then Mahmoud Dahoud should not actually be present at this European Championship. Because their most talented young footballers have given almost all participating countries summer vacation, since they are already A-national player. The French did without Kylian Mbappé. If you like football and Dahoud, 23, watching it, can already rave about the creative solutions that he finds in complicated situations. The most recent, banal example from the Romanian game: It was his idea to face Nadia Amiri before Luca Waldschmidt's groundbreaking free-kick goal to 3: 2 in the 90th minute in front of the ball, so Romania's goalkeeper to block the view of the shooter , But as regularly Dahoud come up with such little geniuses, so irregularly he can implement them effectively, especially in the club at Borussia Dortmund. And you would hardly expect that he is the oldest player in the squad, just as he gives himself off the field. During an interview with Tah after the game in Denmark, he stood aside and announced: "I am the personal protection."

Mahmoud Dahoud.

(Photo: Alessandro Sabattini / Getty Images)

One for Jogi? For Dahoud, it will probably be difficult. Maybe you should invent a U25 national team for him. Florian Neuhaus (until the Olympic Games 2020) and Arne Maier (until the next European Championship 2021) can play a little longer in the U21. Neuhaus, 22, like the former nominated for the A-Eleven Bremen-based Maximilian Eggestein is one of the late starters, which is now in Germany, only really attentive. His manager at Bourssia Mönchengladbach, Max Eberl, says Neuhaus should become a national player in Gladbach. The sovereign six-man Maier, 20, is the youngest player in the squad. Does not work like that. He would probably be a regular player, had he not injured in the second half at Hertha BSC.

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