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Uli Hoeneß: That says Rummenigge to the alleged Hoeness end at Bayern

The four decades long era Uli Hoeneß go with FC Bayern Munich According to information from the "Bild" newspaper in November to end. Hoeness therefore does not want to compete for re-election as president of the German football champion. The 67-year-old had celebrated as a player and then as a doer numerous national and international successes with the club, whose position as a German industry leader, he systematically expanded.

Hoeneß himself has now made his first appearance towards the "kicker" for his supposed withdrawal. "On August 29, I will tell the board my decision, before I have no official statement," he quotes the sheet. With this Hoeness gave neither a denial nor a confirmation.

End of an era? Uli Hoeneß apparently before leaving Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge will not comment on the reported by the "Bild" newspaper withdrawal of Uli Hoeness as club president in detail. "I do not know if it's a fact, and I do not want to comment on it, because it's an exclusive affair of Uli," said Rummenigge after the return of the football record champion from the USA trip on Wednesday at Munich Airport. "He'll have plenty of thought about his future and will announce it on August 29th, if I read it correctly," added Rummenigge.

So the Bavarians react to the alleged Hoeneß farewell

Coach Niko Kovac responded to Hoeneß at the press conference that he would like to say something but could not because he "really" does not know "how much truth" in the media report. "So do not blame me if I do not comment on that now," said the 47-year-old.

The Munich pros also held back. "I do not have any first-hand information," said Thomas Müller. David Alaba admitted that it would be "difficult" to imagine Bayern without Hoeneß. "He has already been the defining figure in tens of decades." This is unique, "said national team player Leon Goretzka to club sponsor:" I can not say more than that, I think, I'm waiting for him to announce that personally. " Footballer Joshua Kimmich said, "I have not heard the bomb hit yet, when will it stop?"

No statement from CEO Rummenigge on the alleged Hoeneß end

The news from Germany came as a surprise. CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was initially not reachable for an opinion. Only a few hours earlier, the 63-year-old had praised the USA trip at a press conference as the "roundest, most interesting and successful tour" in the summer. Shortly thereafter, it was also in the team hotel in North America with the peace and relaxation over.

According to "Bild": Uli Hoeneß also wants to give up posts as chairman of the supervisory board

As the "Bild" also writes, Hoeneß also wants to give up the post of chairman of the supervisory board. He had been confirmed for this office until last December until 2022. The longtime Bayern-maker did not want to comment in the newspaper report itself. In addition to the desire to be a little shorter, but the criticism of his person at the past General Assembly to the decision to retire.

Uli Hoeness for 40 years at Bayern Munich

Hoeneß had only celebrated his 40th anniversary at the beginning of May as manager and creator of the club. "After the season, I will sit down with my family and decide by the end of June whether I will compete again or not." This timetable is known to everyone in the club, "Hoeness said in an interview with the German Press Agency on the occasion of the anniversary , "I'm totally relaxed on the subject, but one thing is clear: you can not imagine that you're irreplaceable, everyone is replaceable," added the 1974 World Champion.

Who could become Uli Hoeneß successor at Bayern Munich?

Hoeness is to plan to propose the deputy chairman of the supervisory board and former Adidas boss Herbert Hainer as a successor for his previous offices. Since the end of 2016, Hoeneß has been the president of the German record champion for the second time, having resigned from office in March 2014 after being sentenced to imprisonment for tax evasion.

Oliver Kahn as the future CEO of FC Bayern München?

As future CEO of the former Bayern and national team goalkeeper Oliver Kahn will come. Kahn should first start rehearsals from 2020 and later take over the job of Rummenigge, which wants to end in late 2021. Hoeneß had always stressed that it was important to him that Rummenigge and he do not give up their positions at the same time.

"I like Oliver's development after the player's career, he has developed fantastically as an expert on television, has a distance learning in business and founded a company," Hoeness said in the dpa interview. "We have someone here who has experienced football as the goalkeeper at the highest level and at the same time is in a position to be his man in the economic sphere, which appeals to us."

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