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Uli Hoeneß: "There is no word about me" - Sport

  • Uli Hoeness apparently no longer appears as president and chairman of the supervisory board of FC Bayern.
  • A report of the imageNewspaper comment Bayern not. Hoeness said to the SZ: "I do not have a word about it."
  • Together with the announced farewell to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the leadership of the club would change fundamentally.
From Klaus Hoeltzenbein and Martin Schneider

Maybe the end of Uli Hoeness at Bayern began with a small sentence, spoken halfway to the exit. Hoeneß was in November 2018 on the floor of the basketball hall of his club, the department is something like his second heart project. In this hall, the general meeting of FC Bayern took place, usually these hours are Uli Hoeneß Festival. The Bavarian family gathers, the patron speaks and in the end all stand together against the enemies of the world, besides there is free beer. It was always like that and when the patron came out of jail, the family got even closer together.

But that day was different, Uli Hoeneß and Bayern, which suddenly seemed to be two different entities. There was criticism of Hoeneß's dealings with ex-player Juan Bernat at the now famous constitutional press conference sponsored by Qatar Airways. When Hoeneß refused to respond to this criticism, he was booed. From his club. On the podium, he said: "Tonight there are approaches, as I do not imagine the FC Bayern." And when he was asked on the way to the exit how he finds it, Hoeneß said: "That hits me a lot." And after a short break, he pushed behind again. "Very".

Bundesliga World Champion, Anpacker, tax evaderimages

World Champion, Anpacker, Tax evader

First, Uli Hoeneß was a gifted footballer, later he was the face of Bayern, was in prison, came back - and will probably stop in autumn. His career in pictures.

Uli Hoeness obviously will not stand for election to these members. The late Tuesday evening announced the imageNewspaper that Uli Hoeneß does not want to run for president of FC Bayern in November. The SZ told Hoeness if he wanted to confirm or deny the report: "I have no word on this". He would explain himself at the next meeting of the Advisory Board on August 29th. The Advisory Council elects the members of the Supervisory Board to be appointed by the association and proposes the President, chaired by former Bavarian Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber. Bavaria Media Director Stefan Mennerich also wanted to say nothing in Kansas on the US trip, and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge refused to comment.

Incidentally, the members of FC Bayern have re-elected Hoeneß with a high degree of probability, too much recognition of his lifetime achievement. But with what intermediate tones, that would have been the exciting question that is never answered. Hoeness, who was also chairman of the board as president of the association, according to the report, will take both posts, and Herbert Hainer, former Adidas boss, it should, if it goes to Hoeness, take over. That the Advisory Council would vote for the 65-year-old is considered safe - as early as 2014, he held the post from March to September. Like Allianz and Audi, Adidas holds 8.33 percent of FC Bayern Aktiengesellschaft - and Hainer has always been one of Hoeneß 'strongest advocates. Also during and after his tax process. The Bayern members Hainer has never asked.

The relationship with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

In addition to Hoeneß, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has already announced his departure. At the end of 2021, he plans to step down as CEO, and Oliver Kahn will start work as designated successor to FC Bayern on January 1, 2020, as they say. By the way, when the Kahn staff was being negotiated, Herbert Hainer was sitting at the table. Since 1991, Rummenigge and Hoeneß worked in various posts at Bayern. Should the change to Kahn / Hainer be completed, a nearly 30-year era would end, it would be the largest power shifts in the history of the club.

The relationship between Hoeneß and Rummenigge has not been trouble-free, especially in the recent past. Sports director search, coaching determination, the differences were in part so public that Hoeneß announced 2017, the "Night of Paris", as Bayern lost 3-0 in the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain and dismissed coach Carlo Ancelotti, had him and Rummenigge "together again" and that henceforth no sheet of paper fit between the two. The promise was not fulfilled. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, for example, was constantly critical of coach Niko Kovac, whom Hoeneß vigorously defended.

During the second half Hoeness sat down in the Sport1 talk show "Doppelpass" and announced with regard to possible Bayern transfers: "If you knew what we already have everything safe." But slowly it turned out that Bayern had little "sure", certainly not a winger, which one needed after the departure of Arjen Robben and Franck Ribéry so urgently. When Hoeneß also admitted that they were "busy" with the player Leroy Sané, reacted Rummenigge at a press conference and said. "We had a conversation, and I think it's good to talk less about public transfer activities in the future." That sounded instructive.

Hoeneß's latest public statements on his future planning date back to March. In the club magazine he said: "I said once: 'That's it!' But the day is not far off when I say, 'That's it!' And that's because I can a) let go and b) the time will come soon. " He also reiterated that the reactions to the General Assembly would be of concern to him and that this would play a role in his decision. Incidentally, he has no problems letting go. He finally handed over his sausage factory to his son Florian.


"At first it was a shock"

The FC Bayern presented on the trip to the United States popular and playful. Shortly before departure, the withdrawal of President Uli Hoeneß is suddenly announced - the players react restrained to surprised.By Jürgen Schmieder

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