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Union Berlin - A Question of Experience - Sport

Everything has to change so that everything stays the same: Rising Union Berlin positions itself for the Bundesliga adventure and grabs two veterans.

From Johannes Kirchmeier, Berlin / Munich

In the middle of the ascent ceremony at the 1st FC Union Berlin 40 days ago, one of them kept his calm for a moment. What that does with his club, that he is now playing for the first time in the German football league, the President Dirk Zingler was asked. And he answered: "Nothing changes, nothing at all, so we have to change that." It should sound like a promise - and to a large extent, the statement is also true for the Köpenick club, which sells its league season tickets to second division prizes. "Our membership has increased since the rise by more than 5000 members to currently more than 28 000," said Zingler. "By not selling more season tickets, we want to give more Unioners the opportunity to attend individual home matches at the stadium at the Alte Försterei on a stable price level."

So the ticket price stays the same, but Zingler was not able to keep his promise from May. At least something has changed a bit with Union. The players on the lawn are now largely different. Because the Unioner have completed before their first friendly on Saturday against Bröndby Copenhagen (2: 1) a transfer offensive in the meantime. The club has signed 14 accesses, including since Thursday also the former Dortmund master player Neven Subotic, 30, who has meanwhile completed almost 400 professional games as a center-back. The focus for the Bundesliga newcomers was to gain experience.

Christian Gentner brings the experience of 377 league appearances

In addition to the Serbian Subotic (209 Bundesliga games), the Unioner therefore build on a player in the future, the very big party in May, including Platzsturm already experienced as a captain - but on the opponent side: Christian Gentner, who was presented on Friday as access and in the relegation descend with the VfB Stuttgart in Berlin. The 33-year-old has already kicked 377 times in the Bundesliga, a mass of experience that should help the Bundesliga freshman. "It was always clear to me that I could and want to continue playing football at the highest level," said Gentner. The midfielder had won with Stuttgart 2007 and two years later with the VfL Wolfsburg each the German championship, he also completed five internationals. In addition, on Friday was also the central defender Marvin Friedrich from FC Augsburg, who celebrated the rise in the past season as a Berliner, and now after tough negotiations was brought back by competitors.

Friedrich, Gentner and Subotic are three out of 35 kickers currently under contract. Lack of foresight you can not put the club before the premiere year so, but the squad is still diluted. Brøndby did not impress the newcomers (Friedrich, Gentner and Subotic watched) - but well-known offensive artists in front of more than 12,000 spectators: Sebastian Polter scored the 1-0 (63rd minute), Joshua Mees met late to 2: 1 victory ( 90.), Paul Arajuuri scored the interim compensation for the Danes (82.). The great polter and the dribble-happy Mees, which could be in the Bundesliga season two important pillars in attack.

On the defensive, however, Subotic is considered a leader, he is "an exceptional player," said Oliver Ruhnert, Unions CEO professional football. "I am sure that he can lead the team on and off the pitch and get on with it." Former BVB coach Jürgen Klopp once said of the Serb: "An exceptionally good boy, reflecting, giving more than any of us, making him an extraordinary person." And that makes him fit well with his new club. Maybe that will not change that much with the football club from Köpenick.

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