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Unterhaching - professional Pochop - sports in the region

The coach is the new star of the Alpenvolleys II. In the Czech Republic and Spain he has won eight championship titles.

In any case, Jürgen Pfletschinger's successor Stanislav Pochop, 53, has an impressive career as a volleyball professional behind him: 150 internationals for the Czech Republic as middle blocker, as well as a total of six league titles with top clubs Budejovice and Prague in his home country , Not only that, in Spain Pochop reach two other championship titles with Soria, with Gran Canaria and Mallorca, he reached each of the CEV Cup final. Since 2018 trained Pochop, who is just making his A-bill, because the Czech A-license is not recognized in Germany, already the fourth men of the TSV, in future he should train next to the second division men also the U12 and U14. Pochop lives with his girlfriend, an interpreter, in Munich, his German is already very neat, reports TSV CEO Mihai Paduretu.

Pochops ambition can already be read by a quote that the club recently used for its season preview: "We are not professionals, so we were rarely fully trained, some have to work, then vacation or illness, but I am satisfied, the assumption works better than expected, the communication in the team is good. " Pochop is therefore not easy to transfer his claims from history in the presence of the German second division. Nevertheless - or because of that - he is "a godsend for us," says Paduretu.

Place five to nine calls out Pochop as the goal, the duel on Saturday in Gotha (19 clock) is a first, difficult touchstone on the way there. The young team should take the nervousness of three veterans: Captain Roy Friedrich, 31, and Aleksandar Milovancevic, 33, for whom it is probably the last second division season, and Friedrich's block colleague Benjamin Thom, 36. Also on board are Zuspieler Eric Paduretu, outside attacker Simeon Topuzliev and Diagonalmann Alexandru Zahar, leaving Haching the talents Paul Gehringer, Niklas Brandt, Moritz Emmenlauer (all to the third division ASV Dachau) and Jeremias Tschannerl, who plays parallel very successful fistball.

The Hachinger feeders Moritz Gärtner, Libero Mohamed Chefai and blocker Alexandre Anzala-Yamajako from the third division Taufkirchen have signed up, Eric Paduretus beach partner Daniel Müller (Esting), outdoor attacker Kristiyan Korbankolev, 17 (Bobingen) and middle blocker Valentin Blaginov, 19 (Bulgaria). "Nevertheless, we are not a joint mercenary company," says Mihai Paduretu. The first home game Hachings is on September 28 against Schwaig.

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