News : US Open 2019 Results: All winners of Flushing Meadows matches at a glance

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US Open 2019 Results: All winners of Flushing Meadows matches at a glance

Last of the four major Grand Slam tournaments in professionaltennis begin on Monday, August 26, 2019, the US Openwhich are held in New York. The main round follows the qualifying round and the draw for the US Open on 22.08.2018.

US Open 2019: All results and news from Flushing Meadows at a glance

What's new for the US Open 2019 as well as all results of the main round matches can be read here in the tournament overview

+++ 22.08.2019: Murray during US Open at Challenger tournament in Mallorca +++

Apart from the US Open, the two-time tennis Olympic champion Andy Murray continues to work on his return to ancient strength. The Scot will compete in a second-rate Challenger tournament in Mallorca next week. Murray has accepted, according to the organizers, an invitation to the tournament, by the academy of his long-standing Spanish rival Rafael Nadal is organized.

Murray had been operated on the hip for the second time at the beginning of the year, a return of the 32-year-old on the tennis tour was not yet foreseeable. After the Scot began again in the doubles, he now plays again single, but lost most but each in the first round in Cincinnati and Winston-Salem. A challenger tournament, Murray last denied in 2005.

+++ 22.08.2019: McEnroe about Zverev: "It's obviously a mental problem" +++

Former tennis star John McEnroe does not expect German top duo Angelique Kerber and Alexander Zverev to be favorites at the US Open starting on Monday. "It would be very surprising if he came a long way in the US Open," said McEnroe in the Eurosport interview on Zverev. "It seems he can not concentrate on the tennis court to get his performance."

Zverev is ranked number six in New York's last Grand Slam tournament of the season. However, the 22-year-old never got beyond the third round there. Disputes with his longtime manager Patricio Apey and the separation of coach Ivan Lendl put a strain on Zverev in recent months.

To the early failure of the hamburger and its weaknesses at the serve last in Cincinnati McEnroe said: "It is obviously a mental problem."

Regarding Angelique Kerber, who also recently faltered, McEnroe said he was not sure "if she lost her motivation or if she is fit enough". In addition, he was uncertain about the extent to which it influenced the 31-year-old, currently traveling without a coach. "She has already achieved a lot in her career and is not too old to win anymore, but I do not know if she is currently emotionally, mentally or physically willing to do it." He does not know their current level of performance, said the US tennis icon.

As a favorite with the women, he called again Serena Williams, "I think she wants victory more than anyone else." In the men he put in Flushing Meadows on the Serbian defending champion Novak Djokovic,

+++ 21.08.2019: Zverev at US Open at number six set - Kerber at number 14 +++

Germany's best tennis pro Alexander Zverev is ranked number six at the US Open in New York on Monday. This is evident from the set lists published on Wednesday by the organizers of the last Grand Slam tournament of the season. The field will be led in Flushing Meadows by world ranking leader Novak Djokovic from Serbia.

For the ladies, Zverev's last weakening Angelique Kerber enters the tournament as 14th. As the second German Julia Görges is in position 26. Defending champion Naomi Osaka from Japan leads the field in the women's field.

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