News : US Open: Alex Zverev fails in the second round at Schwartzman

News :

US Open: Alex Zverev fails in the second round at Schwartzman

Alexander Zverev (GER) - Diego Schwartzman (ARG) 6: 3, 2: 6, 4: 6, 3: 6,

Live Coverage:

23:18: game, set and win for the Argentine! This is the last German in the US Open out. Zverev loses in four sets.

23:17: Two match points for Schwartzman! The Argentinian leaves the first. With full force the gaucho slams the ball into the net.

11:16 pm: 30:15 - Schwartzman puts enormous pressure on Zverev at the baseline. The hamburger can not return clean.

23:15: Schwartzman served for match win! 15:15 - Zverev does not get the ball over the edge of the net.

23:14: Advantage Zverev own service - and the Hamburger shortened to 3: 5.

23:13: Zverev hits the ball without any need - 40:40.

23:12: Zverev served against the loss of match.

23:10: 5: 2 for Schwartzman.

23:08: Zverev is again warned by the referee because he said "F ...". Now there are hot discussions. The Hamburger says he had not heard anything earlier in his first warning. Schwartzman gives the German right. Is there a point deduction?

23:05: Schwartzman distributed a few gifts and lets Zverev come up again something - only 2: 4 from the point of view of the Argentine. Now Zverev needs a break!

22:59: Like out of nowhere - break chance for Zverev! Schwartzman puts the ball behind the baseline - only 1: 4 from the perspective of Zverev. A spark of residual hope remains!

22:57: Zverev beats even the simplest balls in the net - the Hamburger seems mentally out of the match.

22:54: Great stop by Schwartzman - and next break chance! Zverev no longer gets the ball over the net - next double fault! 0: 4 in the fourth set.

22:53: 15th double mistake for Zverev! This will not make it to the quarterfinals at the US Open. Three break chances for Schwartzman!

22:48: Zverev is almost only on reacting. Schwartzman has the match under control now. If Zverev does not catch it, that's it for the hamburger. 3: 0 for Schwartzmann.

22:45: Two break opportunities for Schwartzman! The Argentinian with a great stop just behind the net. Zverev does not even try to get there, because he is quite flat. 2: 0 for the Gaucho against a tired Zverev.

22:40: Then Schwartzman makes short work and gets the point to 2: 1 sentence management.

22:36: Next double fault of Zverev - and two set balls for the Argentine! Schwartzman messes up the forehand - 30:40 from Zverev's point of view.

22:31: The third set goes into the decisive phase - 5: 4 for Schwartzman.

22:29: Zverev can not hang - and equalizes to 4: 4.

22:24: Schwartzman brings his service to 4: 3 by - Zverev looks physically a bit battered.

22:16: Next break chance for the Argentinian. Zverev hits the net - re-break for Schwartzman to 3: 3.

10:13 pm: Breakball for Schwartzman! Zverev pulls his head out of the noose after a long rallie - 40:40. 2:05 hours are played.

22:03: Break chance for Zverev! This time the Hamburger finally uses his chance - 3: 2 and Break before for Zverev! Now the 22-year-old has arrived mentally in the match. Almost two hours are played.

21:58: Hard-fought service of Zverev with many rallies. The hamburger with a perfect slice - Schwartzman is not his turn! 2: 2nd

21:53: Zverev leaves too many chances to break against Schwartzman.

21:51: Advantage Schwartzman, because Zverev makes too many unforced errors (38). 2: 1 for the Argentine, who fights off three breakballs and saves his service.

21:48: Three breakballs for Zverev! Schwartzman holds against - 30:40. The next ball Zverev hits the net - 40:40.

21:46: Zverev brings his serve through - 1: 1 in the third sentence,

21:38: The third sentence is running! Schwartzman served.

21:35: Schwartzman gets the break and closes the sentence. 6: 2 for the gaucho. Everything open again. Zverev slightly nervous and unfocused - otherwise his many double faults can not be explained. Schwartzman is a really tough nut.

21:33: Zverev runs after the break. Tenth double mistake of the hamburger! 30:30 at own serve. Then he hits the ball into the net - set ball for Schwartzman!

21.30 clock: Schwartzman uncompromising with the forehand to 5: 2 leadership.

21:28: Zverev scolding loud again with himself.

21:26: Three breakballs for Schwartzman! Zverev receives the 2: 4. 1:16 hours played.

21:22: Schwartzman takes over the initiative again - Zverev beats the ball out. 3: 2 for the Argentinian in the second set.

21:21: Next break chance! Gone again! 40:40. That can not be true.

21:18: Next break chance for the German! But again the ball goes out. Zverev can not believe it - again debut.

21:16: Break chance for Zverev! The Hamburger hits the ball behind the baseline and forgives this opportunity. 40:40.

21:12: The Hambuger is back in the match - 2: 2 against Schwartzman.

21:08: Zverev brings back the break against Schwartzman. 1: 2.

21:03: Two break opportunities for Schwartzman! 2: 0 for the Argentinian in the second set.

20:57: Short rally and Schwartzman hits the ball behind the baseline. This is the first set with 6: 3 to the Germans.

20:56: Advantage Zverev - and thus set ball!

20:55: 30:40 - Zverev defends the first break ball. 40:40 - the Hamburger smashes the ball in the second attempt into the field. Deuce!

20:52: Zverev served for the set win. But sixth double mistake and break chance for Schwartzman! 15:40 from the perspective of the Germans.

20:51: Schwartzman brings his serve to 3: 5 by.

20:47: With an Ace - 204 km / h - brings Zverev through its service and leads 5: 2. The Hamburger has found its rhythm after initial problems and an early break. Strong! This is how it can go on.

20:42: Break chance for Zverev! Schwartzman warps his forehand - so second break for the German and 4: 2-leadership!

20:38: Third double error of Zverev. The hamburger remains focused and continues to put pressure. Schwartzman hits the ball into the net. 3: 2 leadership for the German.

20:33: Next break chance for the German! Schwartzman hits the ball close to the line. Re-break for Zverev! 2: 2 in the first set.

20.30: Two breakballs for Zverev! Bad footwork of the German, who scolds himself again - 40:40.

20:26: This is a very tricky task for Zverev against the number 21 in the world.

20:24: Again break chance for the nimble Argentinean! This time Schwartzman's ball goes behind the baseline - 40:40. Zverev keeps his nerve and carries out his first service.

20:23: Next break chance for Schwartzman! Zverev scolds himself. But the hamburger breaks down and makes up for the 40:40. Difficult phase right at the beginning of this match.

20:18: Schwartzman runs almost every ball of Zverev. The little Argentinian is incredibly active. 2: 0 for the Gaucho.

20:12: Two minutes played - and first break chance for the Argentinian! What a lousy start! Double fault Zverev, who gives his serve game directly.

20.10 clock: The match is running. Zverev starts with its own service.

20.07 clock: In a few minutes it starts!

20:04: Both players have already faced each other twice. The balance: 1: 1.

19:58: Alex Zverev and Diego Schwartzman already play on the Center Court.

19:54: In a few minutes, it goes on! Then Alex Zverev meets Argentinian Diego Schwartzman. FOCUS Online is in the live ticker here!

Donna Vekic (CRO) - Julia Görges (GER) 6: 7 (5: 7), 7: 5, 6: 3

The essentials in brief: Julia Görges missed the first time in the quarterfinals at the US Open. The 30-year-old loses against Croatian Donna Vekic 7: 6 (7: 5), 5: 7, 3: 6 and even awards a match point in the second set. In the end Görges has to defeat after a hard fight in 2:42 hours.

Thus, no German players are at the last Grand Slam tournament of the season. Vekic now face Swiss Belinda Bencic, who surprisingly win against defending champion Naomi Osaka from Japan 7: 5, 6: 4.

19:52: Match Ball for Vekic! Görges puts the smashball in the off. That's it - Görges retires in the second round of the US Open.

19:51: Görges does not hit the open field and beats the ball in the off. That can not be true - 40:40.

19.49 clock: Two break chances for Görges! Great stop the Germans, no rank for Vekic in Nachfassen. The first break chance is gone - 30:40.

19:47: Vekic served for match win! 0:15 for Görges. Then double fault Vekic - 0:30 from the perspective of the Croatian. 15:30.

19.45: Three break chances for Vekic! Two breakballs prevent Görges - then the double fault! 5: 4 and Break for Vekic.

19:40 clock: Vekic leads with 4: 3. The match is entering the decisive phase. Which player has the better nerves? Vekic or Görges?

19:34: Again 40:40! Hard-fought service game by Görges. Now again the Germans in front - Görges advantage, which can save their service. 3: 3 in the third set.

19:31: Difficult situation for Görges at their own serve - 0:30 from the perspective of the Germans. Now two break chances for the Croatian! But Görges fights back with an ace - 40:40. Vekic beats the ball too far - Görges advantage!

19:26: Balanced match now - 2: 2.

19:16: Break chance for Vekic! Görges holds against and equalizes to 40:40. Then strong first serve. Görges advantage - and she gets this game! 1: 1 in the third set.

19:12: Vekic goes 1-0 in the lead.

19:03: What a drama! Görges loses the second set, although she already had a match ball. 7: 5 for the Croatian.

19:01: Görges is completely off the role - 0:30 at own service. 0:40 and thus three set balls for Vekic!

18:59: Vekic brings her service to 6: 5.

18:53: Görges now flutter the nerves. The pressure is enormous because she has never reached the quarterfinals at the US Open.

18:51: Third double fault of Görges - and thus second break chance for her opponent! The German goes to the net - and hits the ball behind the baseline. 5: 5 compensation! Everything open again.

18.49 clock: Match ball for Görges! The German must over the second serve - and hits the ball into the net. Again 40:40! What an exciting match.

18.45: 30:15 for the Germans. Too bad, the next forehand ball is just about out - 30:30. What is Görges doing? Second double mistake in this match - break chance for Vekic! Lucky for Görges now, because the Croatian hits the ball behind the line - 40:40.

18:44: Now it counts! Görges served for match win.

18:42: Vekic served against the loss of match! The Croatian gives everything again and shortens to 4: 5. Gröges wants too much at her stop and puts the ball close to the line.

18:41: Görges brings their service game to zero - 5: 3 for the German!

18:37: The Croat continues to fight - 3: 4. But Vekic is still a break behind.

18:32: Görges can rely on their serve - 4: 2 for the German!

18:29: Double fault Vekic - and 40:40 on the service of the Croatian. But the 23-year-old is far from beaten and shortens to 2: 3.

18:25: Görges moves on - 3: 1 for the Germans.

18:19: Next break chance for Görges! But the German warns the forehand return - 40:40. Vekic fights back and fights the break-ball - 1: 2 in the second set.

18:14: Görges plays four aces in a row and brings your service to zero - 2: 0 for the 30-year-old.

18:08: Break chance for Görges! The Croatian hits the ball into the net. 1: 0 for the Germans. Exactly one hour is played in this match.

18.07 clock: Let's go! The second sentence is running.

6:06 pm: The German screams out her joy.

18:05: Görges gets in the tiebreak the first set with 7: 6 (7: 5). At the crucial moment she keeps her nerves! Strong!

18:04: Tiebreak - 5: 6 - set ball for Görges!

17:54: Close serve, but Vekic keeps his nerves - 6: 6. Tiebreak!

17:53: Görges equal to 40:40 - at serve Vekic!

17:49: Görges Serve-and-volley plays twice - and has succeeded. 6: 5 for the tennis player from Bad Oldeslohe in Schleswig-Holstein.

17:46: Vekic has adjusted to the game of her opponent - 5: 5 in the first set.

17:41: Now 40: 0 for Görges with its own service! Strong serve, Vekic hits the net. At the right moment, Görges returns. 5: 4 for the Germans!

17.40 clock: The 4: 1 lead by Görges is gone! Vekic equalizes at their own serve for 4: 4. Görges thinks too much - she just seems to be out of the match a bit.

17:35: First break chance for Vekic! Görges takes the Vorandball far behind the baseline. Vekic shortened to 3: 4.

17:27: Görges moves through their match plan and brings their knockout again - 4: 1 for Germans.

17:24: Vekic now serves better and gets their first game - 1: 3 from the point of view of the 23-year-old Croatian.

17:20: Julia Görges gets a perfect start against the Croat. The German takes the lead 3-0 and makes it clear that she is the boss on the court.

17:16: Three breakballs for Görges! Nice return along the sideline. No rankings for Vekic - Görges gets the first break and leads with 2: 0.

17:12: Görges hits the ball into the net - 30:30. But the German remains focused and brings their serve to 1: 0.

17.08 clock: Let's go! Görges starts at his own serve.

17:04: Both players are warm in the Louis Armstrong Stadium.

17.00 clock: Julia Görges enters the square at this moment. It starts immediately.

16:50: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the US Open. Today, two German tennis aces play for the quarter-finals with Julia Görges and Alex Zeverev. Let's go with Görges from 17.00 clock.

3.40 pm: The most important information in advance:

ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Before the US Open, the German number one still wrestled with itself and the athletic form. An early exit would not have been a surprise. But now the 22-year-old stands for the first time in New York in the second round and has on Monday in the second game after 18.00 clock German time on Center Court against the Argentine Diego Schwartzman good chances to progress.

The victories in the first three rounds made Zverev self-confident. "This is only a fourth round, not a final," said the native of Hamburg to the question of whether he was already satisfied with the achievements.

JULIA GORGES: Even the year of Julia Görges was not going according to plan. After a great season in 2018, the successes of 2019 were once out. But since the change of coach to Sebastian Sachs, the 30-year-old is back on track. In New York she had to fend off a match ball in the first round, but then turned the game.

Since then, she plays strong and threw in the third round, the highly rated Kiki Bertens from the Netherlands clearly in two sentences. In that condition, she has a good chance of reaching the quarter-finals in the match against Croatian Donna Vekic.

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