News : US Open live: Roger Federer turns up after a botched first set against Dzumhur

News :

US Open live: Roger Federer turns up after a botched first set against Dzumhur

+++ US Open, Round 2 +++: Live Ticker: Federer turns up after completely miserable first set against Dzumhur

The third day of the US Open 2019 heralds the second round, in which Roger Federer gets to deal with Damir Dzumhur, the current number 99 in the world. If the dream of the sixth title to stay alive, the Swiss must turn off the Bosnian.

  • US Open 2019, 2nd round in New York
  • Roger Federer meets Damir Dzumhur from Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • The number 3 in the world against the number 99
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Roger Federer (SUI) - Damir Dzumhur (BIH) 3: 6, 6: 2, 0: 0, -: -

20:42: Break and thus also sentence win for Federer! The 38-year-old is thus finally back in this game. But now also the question arises: How does the 27-year-old outsider deal with this setback?

20:39: Close box, this game, but in the end Roger Federer clenched his fist and put on 5: 2. Damir Zumhur now serves against the set loss.

20:36: Damir Dzumhur will not be shaken off, he shortens again - 4: 2. But the Bosnian urgently needs the break to have any chance of winning the second set against the Swiss.

20:31: Wohow, now Roger Federer but sometimes really play the muscles! The 38-year-old sets an exclamation point with a lush punch in you right corner of the Dzumhur half and puts it to 4: 1.

8.30 pm: First point win for Damir Dzumhur in the first round, the Bosnians shortened to 3: 1. Important for the underdog, that he does not lose the connection here anymore.

20:23: Now the veteran marches through the games, he effortlessly takes the lead 3-0. Dzumhur is under pressure, has lost a bit of the laxity of the first round.

20:21: Dzumhur can also fend off the second break-ball, but the third one sits! Federer leads 2-0 in the second set in the lead, the fans of the legend wake up in the stands slowly from the shock of the first set.

8:20 pm: The Swiss wants to reload immediately, puts directly to 40: 0 at Service Zumhur, but he can fend off the first break-ball.

8:18 pm: Roger Federer opens the second set, but the mistakes remain in his game first. Nevertheless, the Swiss fights for the important 1-0 lead.

US Open: Federer loses first set after disaster start

20:11: There is the set win for the outsider from Bosnia! Damir Dzumhur shows a strong game against a Roger Federer, who produces a surprising number of mistakes.

20.10 clock: Federer brings his serve through, shortens to 3: 5 and changes immediately after the racket. Now Dzumhur can make clear the set profit with its own service.

20:06: Connection point Federer? Not at all! Dzumhur brings his serve through and sets the game to 2: 5 from Federer's point of view. At Service Federer, the Bosnian can now make clear here his first set win against the old master.

20:03: Federer lays down - 2: 4.

19.59 clock: It took a long time, but now also Roger Federer has won his first game against the underdog and can shorten to 1: 4.

19:56: 4: 0 for Dzumhur, the next break is here - what's going on here? The false start for Roger Federer is finally perfect, the leadership for the Bosnian is absolutely deserved.

19:52: It becomes even clearer, after ten minutes Dzumhur leads 3-0 in the first set against Roger Federer.

19.50 clock: There is already the first break for the underdog! Dzumhur takes Federer off his first serve and goes straight into the lead 2-0. The idst a prelude, with which was not necessarily to be expected.

7.45 pm: The first point of this game goes to the outsider from the Balkans, 1-0 for Dzumhur. This has the Bosnian played very strong, which of course also gives confidence against the overpowering acting Federer.

19:44: The first service game for the Bosnian is a tight box and is just once in the debut.

19:42: Let's go, Damir Dzumhur opens this game against the favorite from Switzerland.

US Open: Roger Federer against Damir Dzumhur, info before the game

19:33: Now it is really loud in the Arthur Asche Stadium! The reason: Roger Federer enters the place. Incidentally, the center court of the US Open is the largest pure tennis stadium in the world and can accommodate 22,547 spectators.

19:18: The game is over! Karolina Pliskova defeats Mariam Bolkvadze 6: 1, 6: 4. Center Court is now free for duel Roger Federer against Damir Dzumhur.

19.01 clock: Karolina Pliskova heads to victory over Mariam Bolkvadze at the score of 4-2 in the second set following a 6-1 success in the first set. Roger Federer and Damir Dzumhur are expected to be ready for their game, and the start of the match is currently estimated at 19.20 CEST.

18:24: Before the duel between Federer and Dzumhur can begin, the match between Mariam Bolkvadze (Georgia) and Karolina Pliskova (Czech Republic) has yet to take place at Arthur Asche Stadium. There it is currently 1: 3 in the first set. Accordingly, we can assume that the beginning of the Federer game will be delayed.

17.00 clock: Day three at the US Open in New York, the second round of the men is on the program. The five-time champion Roger Federer (38) gets there to deal with the Bosnian Damir Dzumhur, the number 99 in the world. For the world ranking third from Switzerland, the 27-year-old should be a more than feasible hurdle. However, Dominik Thiem (Austria), Stefanos Tsitsipas (Greece), Karen Abgarowitsch Kachanov (Russia) and Roberto Bautista Agut (Spain) have already eliminated four players from the top 10 of the seedling list.

Tennis veteran Federer has qualified for the 17th edition of the season's best eight players in the season, the ATP Finals, by entering the second round of the US Open. Wimbledon winner Novak Djokovic from Serbia and French Open champion Rafael Nadal from Spain are already qualified for the season finale in London from 10 to 17 November. Last year's winner Alexander Zverev from Hamburg, on the other hand, is still struggling to qualify again. Federer has already won the ATP Finals six times.

Federer, Djokovic and Nadal fight for the tennis throne



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