News : US Open live ticker: Dominik Koepfer fights for the quarter-final ticket

News :

US Open live ticker: Dominik Koepfer fights for the quarter-final ticket

Dominik Koepfer (GER) - Daniil Medvedev (RUS) 6: 3, 3: 6, 2: 6, 5: 5

Live Coverage:

1:53 clock: Fast service game from Medvedev to 5: 5.

01.50 clock: Koepfer makes the 5: 4 with own service. The Black Forest braces against the defeat.

1:48 clock: Strong match of both players who give nothing - 4: 4.

1:44 clock: Koepfer brings his service to zero - 4: 3 for the US Open qualifier against the world number 5 from Russia.

1:41 clock: Medvedev equalizes - 3: 3.

01:36: Break chance for Medvedev. The Russian hits the net - 40:40. Koepfer keeps his nerves and leads again. 3: 2 for the Black Forest.

01.30 clock: Three breakballs for Koepfer! Medvedev equalizes to 40:40. Strong serve of the Russian passing his service - 2: 2. 1:58 hours are played.

01.25 Clock: Koepfer's fourth double mistake - and Medvedev seizes the opportunity for direct re-break. So only 2: 1.

1:22 am: Two breakballs for Koepfer! Double fault of Medvedev - the German leads with 2: 0, because he risks now more again.

01.19 clock: Koepfer brings his service to 1: 0.

1:13 clock: set ball for Medvedev! Strong serve of the Russian, who wins the third set 6: 2. Koepfer seems a bit powerless.

01.09 Clock: Two break chances for Medvedev! 5: 2 for the Russian.

1:03 clock: Fantastic rally - the "pit bull" beats every ball back into the field - 40:40. Medvedev makes the mistake - Breakball for Koepfer! Medvedev with the ace - 195 km / h - to 40:40. Now next break chance for Koepfer! But the German defeats the ball - again 40:40. Great serve of the Russian - he brings his service through. 4: 2 for Medvedev.

00:58: Three breakballs for the Russians! Medvedev puts Koepfer under extreme pressure - he is now the better player. 3: 2 for Medvedev. At Koepfer the air seems to be out.

00:57: Strong Serve by Medvedev - 2: 2 compensation.

00:55: Here are a few statistics: Aces (Koepfer 1 / Medvedev 7), double fault (Koepfer 3 / Medvedev 2), Winners (Koepfer 18 / Medvedev 15), Unforced Errors (Koepfer 30 / Medvedev 25).

00:53: Koepfer finds again better in the match. Great forehand ball along the sideline. 2: 1 for the German in the third sentence.

00.49 clock: Superior rally. Medvedev save with a backhand blow the ball into the field of the German, who strikes the felt ball into the net. Koepfer is a bit frustrated. The Russian brings his serve to 1: 1.

00:47: Koepfer served - and brings his service to 1: 0.

00:40 clock: Koepfer now makes many unnecessary mistakes. 30: 0 for the Russians at their own serve. For the third time net edge - three set balls for Medvedev! Koepfer hits the ball into the net and loses this round 3: 6.

00:39: Break chance for Medvedev! Koepfer does not hit the ball properly - 5: 3 for the Russians.

00:35: Medvedev is again better in the game - 4: 3 for the Russians in the second set.

00.30 clock: Koepfer served - and Medvedev is now much closer to the baseline. 30:15 for the German, because the Russian hits the ball into the net. 40:30 for Koepfer. Again the ball of Medvedev lands in the net - 3: 3.

00:26: Break chance for Koepfer! The ball of the German goes a bit too far behind the baseline - 40:40. Next nasty net scooter of the Russians - Koepfer does not get ran. Advantage Medvedev. 3: 2 for the Muscovite.

00:19: Three breakballs for Medvedev! But Koepfer parries all break opportunities - 40:40. The Russian hits the net - advantage Koepfer! Double error of the German - again 40:40. Then a magic strike of Black Forest diagonally across the net - perfectly placed! Advantage - but then again 40:40. Fieser Netzroller - Koepfer hits the ball into the net. Advantage Medvedev. Koepfer warps the blow next to the sideline - Break for the Russians! 2: 2nd

00:15: Medvedev brings his service through - 2: 1.

00.12 clock: Koepfer seems to pull the Russians tooth. 2: 0 for the German. Medvedev is getting annoyed.

00.07 clock: More and more fans cheer on Koepfer! The Black Forest is now turning right. Three breakballs for the German! Medvedev fights back two chances - 40:30. Then the Russian hits the ball into the net! 1: 0 for Koepfer in the second set.

00:02: Koepfer served for the set win! Great Passierball of the German with one hand beaten to 15:15 compensation. 30:15 for Koepfer. Satzball! 6: 3 - strong! Medvedev can only return the ball to the net - Koepfer wins the first set and clenches his fist.

00:01: Medvedev brings his service to 3: 5 by.

23:57: Koepfer plays in the first round strong and extremely variable. He puts the Russians under pressure again and again, who does not find in this match. 5: 2 for Koepfer.

23:55: Breakball for Koepfer! Medvedev hits the ball from the baseline powerless into the net - 4: 2 for the German!

23.50 clock: Koepfer gets the Russians running and lures him to the net. Beautiful praise over the head of Medvedev over - the German leads with 3: 2.

23:49: Medvedev brings his serve through - 2: 2.

23:44 clock: It is clear that Medvedev is not 100 percent fit. The Russian is dragging across the square. Nevertheless Koepfer has to be careful - breakball for Medvedev! Koepfer puts the ball behind the baseline. Re-break to 1: 2.

23:39: First break chance for Koepfer! The Furtwanger hits the ball a little too far behind the line - 40:40. But Koepfer stays tuned, goes aggressively to the net and this time kicks the ball into the field. Next breakball! Now the German uses his chance. Medvedev hits the ball next to the sideline. 2: 0 for Koepfer!

23:37: Medvedev is tapped on the thigh and the arm. The Russian carries clear injuries with it around. That might be decisive. Let's see how Koepfer gets the Russian going.

23:35: Koepfer with a strong start! The 25-year-old is top motivated and brings his first service with a smash on the net under roof and tray. Top!

23:33: Let's go! Koepfer served.

23:31: Both players warm up and beat themselves. Koepfer takes a sip from his bottle. The sky is slightly cloudy. Players will not be overly concerned with the heat.

23.30 clock: Daniil Medvedev comes after. After settling down with the crowd after his match, there are a few isolated whistles for the Russian.

23:28: Dominik Koepfer enters with a white towel around his neck at this moment the Louis Armstrong Stadium - the largest court on which the Black Forest has ever played.

23:18: In less than ten minutes it starts.

22.30 clock: Hello and welcome to the live ticker on VIP News. From 23.00 clock qualifier Dominik Koepfer and Daniil Medvedev - which is ranked fifth in the ATP ranking - meet each other at the US Open in the 4th round. We are live!

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