News : US Open: Zverev wins in five sets – Stebe, Struff, Görges, Petkovic on

News :

US Open: Zverev wins in five sets - Stebe, Struff, Görges, Petkovic on

Five out of seven German athletes who started on Tuesday are in the second round of the US Open. The most exciting is Alexander Zverev, who at first loses a seemingly sure two-set lead, but can still put down Radu Albot.

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  • Petkovic, Görges, Struff, Zverev and Stebe are on
  • Tobias Kamke and Tatjana Maria retired
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US Open: Results of the German players at a glance

Andrea Petkovic (GER) - Mihaela Buzarnescu (ROM) 6: 3, 6: 4

Julia Görges (GER) - Natalia Wichljanzewa (RUS) 1: 6, 6: 1, 7: 6

Tobias Kamke (GER) - Fernando Verdasco (ESP) 3: 6, 6: 3, 1: 6, 2: 6

Tatiana Maria (GER) - Kaia Kanepi (EST) 7: 5, 6: 7, 3: 6

Jan-Lennard Struff (GER) - Casper Ruud (NOR) 6: 4, 6: 4, 6: 2

Alexander Zverev (GER) - Radu Albot (MOL) 6: 1, 6: 3, 3: 6, 4: 6, 6: 2

Cedrik-Marcel Stebe (GER) - Filip Krajinovic (SRB) 6: 3, 4: 6, 6: 4, 7: 6

Conclusion: Frustrated Alexander Zverev peppered his tennis racket on the blue hard court, but avoided in a five-sentence thriller but at the US Open still the next low blow. Unlike Angelique Kerber, the best German tennis pro shivered at the Grand Slam spectacle in New York in the second round. At first surprisingly dominant and then with an energy performance, the 22-year-old from Hamburg Radu Albot from the Republic of Moldova wrestled on Tuesday with 6: 1, 6: 3, 3: 6, 4: 6, 6: 2 down.

Andrea Petkovic, Julia Görges, Jan-Lennard Struff and Cedrik-Marcel Stebe are in the second round of the US Open with Zverev. Eliminated, however, are Tobias Kamke and Tatjana Maria.

US Open: The game progress of the German games to read

23:42: Cedrik-Marcel Stebe wins the first round match against Filip Krajinovic! This is a great success for the 28-year-old.

23.40 clock: The last German to play is Cedrik-Marcel Stebe. He is in the tie-break of the fourth set and can win the race.

23:38: Game, set and win for Alexander Zverev! What was that hard-won victory after giving away a 2-0 lead?

23.30 clock: Zverev puts on 4: 2 and now seems to be setting the course for victory. Stebe can counter Krajinovic's 5: 5 equalizer and is back in action.

23:23: Cedrik-Marcel Stebe faces the match win over Filip Krajinovic, who leads 5: 4 in the fourth set in his own 2-1 set lead.

23:15: In the third set, however, Alexander Zverev gets much better in the aisles than his opponent and goes with 2: 0 in the lead. His Moldovan opponent, however, has shown several times that he is capable of anything here.

Zitter-Zverev has to continue confidently after two-set lead in the fifth - Struff, bitter end for Maria

23:01: Is it because? Alexander Zverev gives away a 2-0 lead after sets, the duel with Radu Albot actually goes into the decisive fifth set.

22:54: Another break for Albot and thus the Moldovan proposes the set win and thus the set compensation against Alexander Zverev.

22:50: Game, set and win for Jan-Lennard Struff! With a smooth three-set success, he is in the second round of the US Open.

10:49 pm: Cedrik-Marcel Stebe is back in the lead after sets, the third with 6: 4 to him.

22:39: Alexander Zverev is back in this set, equalizing to 3: 3 against Radu Albot. Meanwhile, Jan-Lennard Struff is well on the way to secure victory over Casper Ruud, he leads in the third set 3-1. Cedrik-Marcel Stebe is about to take the lead after sets 2-1.

22:25: Tatiana Maria is out! This is so bitter for the 32-year-old German, who had even awarded three match points in the second set. Instead of her now Kaia Kanepi is in the second round.

22:23: Quite different is the case with Jan-Lennard Struff, because he also gets the second set against Casper Ruud.

10:19 pm: It goes on, as it has stopped in the third sentence: Albot scores and goes immediately with a break in the lead. Zverev has to wake up here!

Zverev gives away the third set, Krajinovic equalizes against Stebe

10:15 pm: Radu Albot shortens and wins the third set! Alexander Zverev has lost his stringent line a bit and missed it smoothly in three sets to prevail. The 22-year-old has brought his opponent back into the game here.

22:04: Stebe loses the second set of Krajinovic! The catch-up is not crowned with success, the Serb is equal to the Germans.

9:59 pm: Zverev is in a lurch and is suddenly with 1: 4 against Albot behind. Since the German has to stretch, he wants to win here but still in three sets. Cedrik-Marcel Stebe, who came close to Filip Krajinovic after a 1: 5 deficit to 4: 5, does better.

21:46: Cedrik-Marcel Stebe gets some problems against Filip Krajinovic in the second set, the Serb gets 1: 4.

Maria awards match balls, Zverev unstoppable

21:40: Third set instead of match win for Maria, second set to Zverev! The 32-year-old loses the tie-break and thus the second set, while Alexander Zverev seems to march inexorably towards the second round.

21:33: Only one game she had missed on their own serve still to victory, they even had several match balls, but now Tatjana Maria has yet in the tie-break in the second set.

21:30: After Cedrik-Marcel Stebe now Jan-Lennard Struff wins his first set!

21:22: In contrast to many other performances this year Alexander Zverev shows himself very calm and calm here and now. Even the interim 0: 2 in the second set does not bring him out of the rest, but he turns it confidently to 3: 2. At the same time Cedrik-Marcel Stebe wins the first set against Filip Krajinovic 6: 3 - strong!

21.12 clock: On the other places it looks very neat for the German participants. Tatjana Maria is missing only one point to win the match with her own service and a 5: 3 lead, Jan-Lennard Struff is on course for a set win and Cedrik-Marcel Stebe keeps up a good fight with Filip Krajinovic.

21:06: For the first time in this first-round encounter Alexander Zverev falls behind, because Albot succeeds directly to the start in the second set the break.

Zverev wins the first set without any problems, Kemke out after a big fight

21:04: Strongly fought, but out! Tobias Kemke has beaten Fernando Verdasco 3: 6, 6: 3, 1: 6, 2: 6.

20:55: That was really fast! Alexander Zverev is showing a very strong game and wins the first set against Radu Albot 6: 1.

20.45 clock: Now run four games in parallel with German participation. The duels between Jan-Lennard Struff and the Norwegian Casper Ruud, as well as between Cedrik-Marcel Stebe and the Serb Filip Krajinovic are on the way.

20:35: Tatjana Maria is very strong, she wins the first set against Kaia Kanepi with 7: 5. Things are not so good for Tobias Kamke, he is back after a 1: 6 in the third set.

20:32: Good start from Zverev, who secured the break directly over the debut and takes the lead 1-0.

20:26: Now it starts, the match of Alexander Zverev against Radu Albot begins!

8:18 pm: Tatjana Maria is going head-to-head in the first set against Kaia Kanepi. At the same time we are waiting for the start of the first round match of Alexander Zverev, which should start in a few minutes.

Underdog Kamke equalizes against Verdasco

20:04: Tobias Kamke wins the second set and thus compensates against Fernando Verdasco!

19.50 clock: In the meantime, the match of Tatjana Maria against Estonian Kaia Kanepi has started.

19:48: Tobias Kamke bites into this game, shows an ever better performance and leads in the second set against Fernando Verdasco 3: 2. The Spaniard already quarrels a bit with himself.

19:22: Tobias Kamke loses the first set against Fernando Verdasco 3-6.

19:15: Which games are we still expecting in New York today? We take a look at the updated, approximate start times of games with German participation:

  • 19.45: Tatjana Maria - Kaia Kanepi (EST)
  • 20.00: Cedrik-Marcel Stebe - Filip Krajinovic (SRB)
  • 8 pm: Jan-Lennard Struff - Casper Ruud (NOR)
  • 20.00: Alexander Zverev - Radu Albot (MOL)

19:14: Fernando Verdasco is the expected heavy opponent for Tobias Kamke, but so far sold very expensive.

First false start, then nervously: Görges beats Wichljanzewa

19.10 clock: game, set and win for Julia Görges! The German decides this Nervenkrimi for themselves and moves like Andrea Petkovic in the next round.

19:06: Matchball again fended off, Julia Görges saves himself in the tie-break!

6:59 pm: Julia Görges can defend the defeat and compensate for 5: 5, but finds himself directly in Zugzwang. Natalia Wichljanzewa puts on 5: 6.

18.48 clock: Between Julia Görges and Natalja Wichljanzewa it is in the decisive set three currently 4: 4 - there is really still everything in it.

Andrea Petkovic wins sovereign against Mihaela Buzarnescu

18:46: Game, set and win for Andrea Petkovic! With 6: 3 and 6: 4, she prevails against Mihaela Buzarnescu and is in the next round.

6:26 pm: While Andrea Petkovic and Julia Görges have been in action for almost one and a half hours, Tobias Kamke will intervene in the next few minutes. His opponent in seventh place will be the Spaniard Fernando Verdasco - a difficult task for the 33-year-old.

18:09: There is the set compensation for Julia Görges against Natalia Wichljanzewa!

6 pm: Andrea Petkovic wins the first set 6: 1, Julia Görges now serves equal to the set compensation at the score of 5: 1.

17:52: After her lightning start Andrea Petkovic gets a little more trouble against Mihaela Buzarnescu. After the fast 4: 0 lead, the Romanian now approaches 4: 3.

5:45 pm: With a delay, Julia Görges gets going, she quickly takes the lead in the second leg 3-0. This, of course, is also an important signal to Natalja Wichljanzewa, who has not decided anything here yet.

17:34: For Julia Görges the first set is already completed in less than 30 minutes! With 1: 6 this goes to her opponent from Russia. Since the German has to increase properly, to turn the game still.

17:25: While Andrea Petkovic made an exemplary start to her first match at the US Open, Julia Görges is struggling. Petkovic leads 3-0 in the first set after about 15 minutes, while Görges has just won her first game and is 1-3 down.

17:09: Now it starts in Flushing Meadows in New York's Queens district! Andrea Petkovic opens the match against Mihaela Buzarnescu, Natalja Wichljanzewa serves for the start against Julia Görges.

US Open: Boris Becker did not get any beer in the supermarket

17:05: The start of the first two matches with German participation will start in the next few minutes. It's 11:05 local time in New York, day two of the US Open begins.

16:38: We take a look at the two opponents Andrea Petkovic (31) and Julia Görges (30). Petkovic's opponent Mihaela Buzarnescu (31) is currently number 121 in the world and her biggest win was her win at the WTA tournament in San José in August 2018. Natalja Wichljanzewa (22), the opponent of Görges, is currently ranked number 92 in tennis world ranking.

16:06: Curious news there is off the field by Boris Becker. The tennis legend has failed in a New York supermarket claims to buy beer without a badge. The saleswoman had thought him too young tweeted the 51-year-old. Because he could not identify himself and the saleswoman did not take his age, he had to leave his beer. "I take that as a compliment," wrote Becker on Monday evening. In most US states, the minimum age for buying alcohol is 21 years. The three-time Wimbledon winner Becker is during the US Open for the TV station Eurosport in New York as an expert in action.

3.30 pm: Two wins have brought the German tennis pros on Monday. Will there be further successes on the second day of the US Open? Especially Alexander Zverev is in focus. But also with the ladies are some interesting games with German participation on the program.

  • 17.00: Andrea Petkovic - Mihaela Buzarnescu (ROM)
  • 17.00: Julia Görges - Natalia Wichljanzewa (RUS)
  • 18:15: Tobias Kamke - Fernando Verdasco (ESP) *
  • 7 pm: Tatjana Maria - Kaia Kanepi (EST) *
  • 7:00 pm: Cedrik-Marcel Stebe - Filip Krajinovic (SRB) *
  • 7.30pm: Jan-Lennard Struff - Casper Ruud (NOR) *
  • 19.30: Alexander Zverev - Radu Albot (MOL) *

First Zverev appearance: Does Alexander Zverev do better on his first appearance in New York than Angelique Kerber? After Kerber's new departure on Monday against Frenchman Kristina Mladenovic, expectations for Zverev have risen once again. Like Kerber, the 22-year-old is currently in a sporting low. Zverev is the clear favorite against Radu Albot of Moldova. The native of Hamburg has never got beyond the third round at the US Open. He wants to know this year.

The other Germans: In addition to Zverev six more Germans are in action. With the ladies the hopes after the Kerber off rest mainly on Julia Görges, which gets it from 17.00 o'clock to deal with the Russian Natalia Wichljanzewa. Andrea Petkovic, who is extra motivated in her favorite New York City, is always good for entertainment. The Darmstadt girl also gets to do it from 17.00 clock with Mihaela Buzarnescu from Romania. In the men's side next to Zverev still Jan-Lennard Struff encounters special interest. The Warsteiner plays against Casper Ruud from Norway.

The favorites: Defending champion Naomi Osaka returns to the place where she won a memorable final against Serena Williams a year ago. At the Arthur Ashe Stadium, the Japanese woman will be treated to Anna Blinkowa from Russia. In the Night Session all eyes are on Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard plays against John Millman from Australia, who threw Roger Federer in the second round in 2018.

* scheduled start time, depending on the previous matches at the respective place.

Federer, Djokovic and Nadal fight for the tennis throne

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