News : USA – Netherlands live: World Cup final in the Ticker – titleholders against European champions

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USA - Netherlands live: World Cup final in the Ticker - titleholders against European champions

+++ Final of the Women's World Cup 2019 live +++: Live Ticker: USA increases pressure against the Netherlands, but forgives three chances in a row

At the Women's World Cup 2019, the crowning finale is on the program, the US and the Netherlands fight for the title in the final. Will the defending champion again win or will the outsider from Europe manage the surprise?

USA - Netherlands 0: 0 (0: 0)

UNITED STATES: 1 Near - 5 O'Hara (from 46.11 warriors), 7 Dahlkemper, 4 Sauerbrunn, 19 Dunn - 3 Mewis, 8 Ertz, 16 Lavelle - 17 Heath, 13 Morgan, 15 Rapinoe.
Netherlands: 1 van Veenendaal - 2 van Lunteren, 6 Dekker, 3 van der Gragt, 20 Bloodworth - 14 Groenen, 10 van de Donk, 8 Spitse - 21 Beerenstein, 9 Miedema, 11 Martens.

Gates: ---

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52nd minute: A little reminiscent of the beginning of the second half of the first. The US is struggling, looking for the gap in the Orange bulwark, but find this to the same. In parallel, the European champions lurk on mistakes of the world champion in the game structure.

46th minute: Less than a minute is played, as the United States get the first corner. Rapinoe hits him sharply towards the goal, but Ertz beheads the leather a few meters past the box.

46th Minute: The second half is running, the Netherlands have started! The US has also changed, for O'Hara is now warrior in the game.

USA against Netherlands, 0: 0 after 45 minutes

45th + 4 minutes: Halftime! America and the Netherlands go with a goalless draw in the cabin.

45. + 1 minute: Martens and O'Hara collide in a dogfight, the game has to be interrupted. Both players can continue after a break in treatment.

45th minute: 120 seconds there's a lookup.

43 minutes: Now the Netherlands, a free kick from halflinks. Spitse wants to circle the far corner, the ball is deflected to the corner. This brings nothing.

41st minute: How long does Holland hold the zero? Third good USA opportunity within a few minutes, Morgan shoots from half-right position, again is Van Veenendaal turn.

38th minute: The Americans are approaching. Attacking on the left, Rapinoe crosses the post at full speed, Morgan gets to the toe in distress, van Veenendaal clears with the help of the post.

33rd minute: The US dominates, but rarely finds a way through the massively Dutch coverage. Just the standard - but otherwise? On the other hand: For a World Cup final, the Netherlands is too harmless.

28 minutes: It takes almost half an hour to the first scoring chance of the game. Corner for the US, from twelve meters Ertz comes in the fall to the conclusion, but goalkeeper van Veenedaal can parry.

26th minute: Now the Oranje, with Beerensteyn, who gets a pass, but is pushed short before the edge of the box.

22nd minute: The US is running, the Netherlands is defending - this image is manifesting itself.

17th minute: First slight danger for the Dutch goal. After a corner from Rapinoe the ball is made sharp in the back of the defense header, the quick cross pass in front of the box is not a problem for Sari van Veenendaal in the Oranje goal.

15 minutes: We are still waiting here for the first shot on goal of the World Cup finals. It is remarkable how the Netherlands keep the overpowering opponent away from his own goal. The question is whether they will manage to bring their counter-attacks to a dangerous end in the further course of the game.

10 minutes: The first yellow card of the match goes to Sherida Spitse, where the leg was too high. The Netherlands are extremely resolute in the initial phase and do not want the World Champion to come into play.

6th minute: The fans are mostly on the US side, but the orange fan block behind Sari van Veenendaal's goal is not to be despised either. On the grass, the US women determine the action, but the Netherlands are stable and lurking for counterattack.

3rd minute: The US immediately step on the accelerator and push the European champions on the defensive. Throughout the tournament, the Americans scored the first goal early, so the Dutch women have to withstand this early pressure.

1st Minute: The final is running!

USA vs. Netherlands - Information before the game

16:53: The teams enter the field, it is prepared for the eighth World Cup final of women!

16:36: While all the players in the US are under contract in their own country, only six Dutch women are active in their home country. With Desiree at Lunteren (SC Freiburg), Jackie Groenen (1st FFC Frankfurt), Jill Roord and Lineth Beerensteyn (both FC Bayern) also play four players in the German women's Bundesliga.

16:17: Ex-national player Nia Künzer puts it in an interview with the "Bild am Sonntag" in a nutshell: "It says it all for the US It is impressive, with what speed and permanent pressure they play and they have sometimes convinced playfully Games USA vs France and USA vs England were impressive. "

USA and Netherlands with one conversion each: Rapinoe back

15:52: The lists of the two finalists are here! Superstar Megan Rapinoe moves back into the starting line-up in the US, and will be on the left side of the three-attack series. For her, Christian Press must be back on the bench. There is only one change in the Netherlands, Anouk Dekker runs for Merel van Dongen. Bloddworth moves to the left-back position defended by Dekker.

3.30 pm: With the final between defending champion USA and European champion Netherlands on Sunday in Lyon, the FIFA Women's World Cup ends after 30 days. The Americans can once again draw on the star player Megan Rapinoe, who was injured in the semi-final against England, and win her fourth World Cup title after 1991, 1999 and 2015. The Dutch women are in a World Cup final for the first time and are considered to be outsiders against the record winner.

Messi has to leave the field with red and can not believe it

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