News : Usain Bolt, positive for coronavirus after organizing a party at his house

News :

Usain Bolt, positive for coronavirus after organizing a party at his house

Usain Bolt has tested positive after his birthday party

Fresh news comes from Jamaica. Usain Bolt, strongly criticized in his country a few days ago after celebrating a tremendous party at his house in honor of his 34th birthday, has tested positive for coronavirus, according to the Jamaican newspaper ‘NationWide’. On August 22, the Caribbean country woke up with covers and information pointing to the eight-time world champion for having mounted a tremendous guateque in his mansion in which there were many well-known faces such as the artist 'Ding Dong', the dancer Desha Ravaz, Chris Martin or Reggae singer Ricardo Gardner.

A party at the worst moment of the pandemic

Apparently, some of them uploaded videos on social networks and public opinion harshly criticized the former athlete in one of the most delicate moments of the pandemic for the country with more than 100 daily cases detected.

Well, it seems like a couple of days after that massive celebration Bolt has tested positive for COVID-19 after taking a test a couple of days ago and already knowing the results. Apparently, in Jamaica it has not yet been reported if the sprinter has symptoms, but he will keep the quarantine of rigor at home until he tests negative. The problem is that Usain was in contact at the aforementioned party with dozens of guests and these in turn have led a normal life these days after the birthday, so the tracking task will not be easy. Manchester City player Raheem Sterling and Bayer Leverkusen Leon Bailey were also at the party.

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