News : Usain Bolt unleashes the rumor about his return

News :

Usain Bolt unleashes the rumor about his return

Usain Bolt is confusing everyone
Usain Bolt is confusing everyone

'Day 1'. A concise and clear message accompanied by a video in which you can see a hill climbing along with a companion. The one considered by many better athlete of all the times for more than two years that retired of the professional competition. Usain Bolt competed for the last time at the London World Championships in 2017. She did not have the farewell dream, since she suffered an injury during the 4 × 100 relay at the Olympic Stadium in the British capital. The people applauded him in rage, knowing that more than likely he had seen the last strides of the Jamaican on a track of altematism.

Bolt, time for absolutely everything

During these two years he has given the athlete time to do everything. He tried his luck in the world of football and even signed for an Australian professional team and scored a goal, but he soon realized that it was not his thing. He has also given him to run sprees for half the world and have a lot of fun, a lot. Bolt is 32 years old and if he had thought of trying to prepare to reach the Tokyo Games he would face them with 33.

In his farewell said that if he retired was not to return, but the truth is that he has sown the world of athletics of doubts with that video training and with the title 'Day 1'. Day 1 of what, Usain? Day 1 to return to a healthier life and get in tune or Day 1 to reach something that now seems almost utopian as to qualify for the Games and arrive with options to do the only thing and what you have always done, which is not another What to win? We will see…

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