News : Valencia presents its luxury squad for the Marathon and Half Marathon

News : Valencia presents its luxury squad for the Marathon and Half Marathon

Birhanu Legese holds the third best marathon record in history

Good ‘Rock’n Roll’ awaits us on December 6 in Valencia. First, because it is one of the only two marathons that has remained standing in this COVID era. And second, because they have unveiled their roster of elite athletes for both the 42,195 kilometers and the average and it is simply spectacular. With the logical disappointment of the cancellation of the popular test due to the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the organization has made an effort to bring a tremendous list of names to the city of Turia.

Legese, the headliner with rivals of great importance

In the case of the marathon distance, the objective will be to beat the current Valencia records and get as close as possible to the current men’s and women’s world record. Ethiopians Birhanu legese (2h02: 48, third best marathon record in history) or Kinde Atanaw (2h: 03: 51), winner last year and current record holder of the Valencian circuit, are two of the athletes who will attempt the assault.

Also the winner of the Boston and Chicago marathons, Lawrence Cherono (2h04: 06), the holder of the European record Kaan Kigen Özbilen (2h04: 16), or the world champion Lelisa desisa (2h04.45), will be among the Platinum and Gold athletes who will meet in Valencia Ciudad del Running on December 6. To all of them, several world champions in the distance and winners of different Majors in recent years will be added, as well as other debutants in the 42,195 with a lot of desire to shine as Jemal yimer (58:33 in between).

Going for the record of the women’s test

In women, after a 2019 in which four athletes fell from 2h19 in Valencia, the women’s start list will include Ethiopians Ruti Aga (2h18: 34), Birhane dibaba (2h18: 35), Zeineba Yimer (2h19: 28), Tigist girma (2h19: 52) or Mare Dibaba (2:19:52), all of them below 2:20.

The american Jordan hasay (2:20:57) or the debutant Fancy Chemutai are other big names, in addition to Joyciline Jepkosgei (2h22: 38), who won in New York in his debut in the 42,195 kilometers, and you already know what it is to succeed in Valencia, because in 2017 he set the world record for media. They will also be in front positions Joan Chelimo (1h05: 04 in between) and Peres Jepchirchir (recent world record of 21,097 kilometers in women’s only races, 1h05: 34).

Kipruto, Kiplimo and a brutal cast for the average

The Kenyan Rhonex Kipruto, who achieved the 10K world record in the 10K Valencia Ibercaja (26:24), is the great favorite to fight for the best world record in the 21,097.5 meters, together with the Ugandan Jacob Kiplimo (26:41 in 10K). And up to ten more runners with times under 60 minutes presage a very fast race. Kibiwott Kandie (58:37), Stephen Kiprop (58:42), Bedan Karoki (58:42), Bernard Ngeno (59:07), Alexander Mutiso (59:09), Julien Wanders (59:13, and European record), Philemon kiplimo (59:28), Geoffrey koech (59:36), Gabriel Geay (59:42), Alfred Barkach (59:46) or Kelvin Kiptum (59:53) they will race to improve their marks.

And in women, a debutant in the distance like the Ethiopian Letensenbet Gidey, with the best world record in 15K (44:20), or the Kenyan Sheila Chepkirui (1:07:37) winner of the 10K in Valencia and Prague, they will fight for a race of the highest level together with the experience of the 2019 winner Senbere Teferi (1h05: 32).

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