News : Van Vleuten, the woman who climbed faster than the men in Strade Bianche

News : Van Vleuten, the woman who climbed faster than the men in Strade Bianche

van vleuten strade bianche

Yesterday we witnessed the biggest cycling show so far this season at the Strade Bianche. A new dog-to-dog duel between the world’s best classic-Romans and Vuet-Romans.

Van der Poel, Alaphillipe, Van Aert, Bernal, Pogacar, Pidcock and the other usual “suspects” gave us a heart attack Saturday.

The classic “sterrato”, the steep gravel slopes and the very high race pace selected the group. We quickly realized who was there to aspire to something great and who was not.

With the permission of a recovered and hopeful Egan Bernal, the strongest of the day were Van der Poel and Alaphilippe. together with Van Aert, the two most explosive runners of today.

The last kilometer and the Piazza del Campo awaited the three runners and it was at the very hard final wall of Santa Caterina where Van der Poel launched the final blow.

A savage, dry and withering attack that was worth to him to leave seated to all a champion of the world and to rise with his first triumph in the Italian race.

Many are those who comment that the final demarrare is among the best in history. Arguments are certainly not lacking.

The most “geeks” are still waiting for official data from the power of a Van der Poel that at the moment has not posted any activity.

A powerhouse that will surely be in some respects even better than the one that led him to win the Tour of Flanders in 2020.

Van vleuten strava strade bianche
Fastest on the Strava global chart on race day. Van Vleuten in the time of the best men Source: Strava App

However, apart from the men’s career, I have been especially struck by some female test data, which took place a few hours earlier on a shorter but very similar route.

Chantal Van den Broeck – Blaak finally took the victory after a tight and very exciting final, in which the former world champion Annemiek Van Vleuten cut seconds with the head of the race at a dizzying pace.

Analyzing data and segments of the Annemiek Van Vleuten’s Strava account we realize not only that the Dutchwoman was in many segments of “sterrato” a few seconds behind the male peloton, but also on the very tough final slope, he was even better than many of them.

Van Vleuten covered that stage with the same time as Tom Pidcock and was just 5 seconds behind Wout Van Aert.

Obviously it cannot be said that she was much faster than other male riders who made it into the Top 50.

An authentic brutality that contextualizing makes us realize the enormous level currently enjoyed by the female cycling.

Van Vleuten, who is playing his first season with the women’s Movistar, had just 11 seconds to recover to complete the feat and win the event.

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