News : Veneto (Italy) will start running now

News :

Veneto (Italy) will start running now

A runner jogging with a face mask

In times of darkness, any little crumb that is given to us can be considered as a real treasure. We are all who climb the walls, wishing we could step on the street and run, run without looking back, without thinking if we are moving too far or little, run without restrictions. Obviously we understand and understand that health comes first and that many things must be prioritized before que running ’, but that does not mean that one of our greatest illusions is to put on our shoes or put on our jersey and helmet and start pedaling to infinity. And in this sense from Italy we receive news that is still a halo of light within the shadows. ANDIn the Veneto region, this Monday, April 13, it is allowed to go running. With restrictions and warnings, of course.

A first pack of deconfusion

It is the first package of minor measures of unconfinement to be adopted in the transalpine country. The governor of this northern region, Luca Zaia, has announced a series of first contacts that will comprise this first phase between April 13 and May 3. In fact, it is still mandatory to leave the house with masks and gloves or disinfectant gel, while the bookstores will be open two days a week (and not completely closed as before) and open to initiatives such as homemade barbecues, but only with family.

A small, mask radius

Regarding exercise in the open air, as we mentioned, the first prevé gesture ’is foreseen since the beginning of the crisis. "The motor and individual activity must be carried out close to home, respecting the distance of at least 2 meters from other people"Zaia clarified. "I have removed the 200-meter limit: this is an act of great confidence, but we use common sense. Obviously it's not 4 or 5 kilometers and you don't even have to prepare for a marathon. ”

In short, for the inhabitants of Veneto the possibility of jog a mile or two away without fear that the police may report us for breaking the rules. It has been clarified that the mask requirement also exists for those who run. Obviously, running with the mask will not be easy, but it will be better than nothing ...

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