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VfB Stuttgart: breaking the vicious circle - sports

The trio of sports director Hitzlsperger, sports director Mislintat and coach Walter plans to break the vicious circle at the traditional club VfB - the three bring a few useful conditions.

By Christof Kneer, Stuttgart

Sven Mislintat apparently has a stable wifi in the small meeting room on the ground floor. In any case, he is reliably reached by the mail that Thomas Hitzlsperger sent one floor up. The boss calls Mislintat must go and discuss important things. No, a new striker is not to be expected, he still says, although the quite new striker Sasa Kalajdzic has just hurt so badly. So proud they were at VfB on the acquisition of this two-meter Austrian storm talent, and then: a stupid fall in a test kick, cruciate ligament, outer ligament and meniscus tear. Half a year break, at least.

But yes, there is good news even from the Stuttgart basin, for example, that the Wlan affair is completely cleared up. A bit reputation-damaging the affair was already, the big club from the rich city wants to vote at the general meeting about its president, and then the club does not come online. First-class ridicule had to endure the VfB, it also limits of good taste were exceeded, such as the comparison with the HSV. The VfB had heavy weeks behind him anyway, among other things, because the ball had too rarely come on the field too, which led to the descent.

2nd League Witzle with Fritzle

Resignation of VfB President Dietrich

Witzle with Fritzle

The VfB General Assembly is canceled because the WLAN fails, then resigns the President: The evening in Stuttgart shows how Kabarettistisch it is at the club - and how divided he is.By Christof Kneer

But now, just in time for the second division prelude against Hannover 96 on Friday night, this encouraging news: The investigation into the Koi-Net affair are completed. The cause of the WLAN failure is "in an identified subsystem of a service provider," it says. Good also that a cyber attack was ruled out, there was definitely no manipulation from outside, not even from HSV.

The vicious circle of a traditional club

Thomas Hitzlsperger knows who he got involved with. He knows the VfB really well enough, he also knows the most dangerous feature of this club. The VfB is a top-class crusher, players became worse there, talents did not develop until they were gone, and sometimes even capable officials got the worst out of VfB. Any identified subsystem has always failed.

He wanted to "break the vicious circle of a traditional club," said the sports director of VfB. It was Robin Dutt who said that was only four years ago. He is Hitzlsperger's pre-pre-predecessor.

Under Dutt's direction, the VfB in May 2016 also relegated, and at least one has seen at that time, what this club can also. It can be fascinating and full of dynamism, the people have solidarized, there were audience and member records, there were about 100 Terodde goals and at the end the re-emergence.

They want to "start something new," says Sven Mislintat, 46. The new sports director was the preferred candidate of the sports committee Hitzlsperger. For years, Mislintat has been planning the Borussia Dortmund squad, "a grenade" is Sven, says Hitzlsperger and has to laugh himself. Grenade, that is rather a term from the term of his predecessor Michael Reschke, the player like as aaabsolute Volljranate announced. Reschke is also such an example: The man can really do something, in his time at Bayern he has organized the club the future, the obligations of Kimmich, Sule, Coman, Tolisso and Gnabry go to his account.

Of course Reschke thought he could also do the VfB. But the VfB was stronger.

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