News : VfL Osnabrück vs. 1. FC Heidenheim live: current scores 0: 0

News :

VfL Osnabrück vs. 1. FC Heidenheim live: current scores 0: 0

45th min + 3rd min

With 0: 0 it goes into the break.

45th min + 1st min

There is two minutes extra time.

43. min

Patrick Schmidt sees the first yellow card of the match. This is already something of a climax.

41. min

For the time being, the Osnabrück fans are looking forward to being able to experience second division football at all. For the second half but they should also wish a little more entertainment.

35th min

Heidenheim is now starting to do more, but that does not change the basic motive of this game: there is a great deal of yawning boredom.

30 min

Biankadi crosses from the right, but there is no taker in the middle. VfL goalkeeper Nils Körber fists the ball away. After all, the ball has now sniffed time penalty air.

27. min

Otherwise, everything takes place between the penalty rooms. Until the second league season in Osnabrück picks up speed, it probably takes a bit longer.

23. min

At least the first move towards goal: Patrick Schmidt tries it from the center of the penalty area, but the ball passes right.

19th min

The game has been convincing through tactical moments. Osnabrück sets isolated accents, Heidenheim relies on security.

15 minutes

In scoring chances of the VfL his performance but not yet implement. Heidenheim first waits.

12. min

Osnabrück is making a very decent business card in the first second division minutes in eight years: quick switching, aggressive duels.

7. min

Promoted Osnabrück has more possession in the opening stages and puts the opponent in his own half.

3rd min

Ouahim crosses from the right sharply in front of the goal, Pusch clears before the ready Girth to the corner.

preliminary report

Sascha Stegemann is the referee.

preliminary report

The first team of 1. FC Heidenheim: Vitus Eicher - Marnon Busch, Timo Beermann, Patrick Mainka, Norman Theuerkauf - Sebastian Griesbeck, Niklas Dorsch - Marc Schnatterer, Merveille Biankadi - Denis Thomalla, Patrick Schmidt

preliminary report

The list of VfL Osnabrück: Nils Körber - Felix Agu, Adam Susac, Lukas Gugganig, Moritz Heyer, Kevin Wolze - Anas Ouahim, David Blacha, Ulrich Taffertshofer, Etienne Amenyido - Benjamin Girth

preliminary report

1. FC Heidenheim has to give up goalkeeper Kevin Müller. The keeper fails because of muscular problems. Instead, Vitus Eicher is in goal. Otherwise missing only the long-term injured Maximilian Thiel (cruciate ligament tear). Goalkeeper Glatzel is also missing because of a suspension from last season.

preliminary report

With Kevin Wolze and Lukas Gugganig the Osnabrück have committed two Zweitligaerfahrenene players. In addition, the promotion team has largely stayed together. Personal concerns VfL coach Daniel Thioune has mainly defensive area. With Maurice Trapp, Bashkim Ajdini and Konstantin Engel three of the four regular defenders fail.

preliminary report

At the Bremen bridge again second division football is played! For the first time since the 2010/11 season VfL Osnabrück is again represented in the lower house. Overall, VfL rose for the sixth time in the second league and is thus a record climber.

preliminary report

Welcome to the match between VfL Osnabrück and 1. FC Heidenheim!

preliminary report

VfL Osnabrück - 1. FC Heidenheim

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