News : VfL Osnabrück vs. SV Darmstadt 98 live: Current scores 1: 0

News :

VfL Osnabrück vs. SV Darmstadt 98 live: Current scores 1: 0

28. min

Darmstadt remains completely harmless so far. The lilies have not yet fired on the goal and have not appeared for some time in the last third of the Osnabrück goal.

26. min

Marvin Mehlem sees the first yellow card this evening for a foul on Amenyido.

23. min

Wolze again! The ex-Duisburg has confidence, takes a cross from Agu directly, bangs the ball from an acute angle but past the short corner.

22. min

Anas Ouahim gets in the lead after a bad pass from Dursun, but his qualification comes directly from keeper Stritzel.

21st min

And further presses the VfL. Especially Wolze and scorer Amenyido have recurrent scenes. Darmstadt sees itself pushed back into its own half.

18th min

The leadership is currently not undeserved, Osnabrück had more of the game and offensive was more conspicuous.

16. min

A header ballast leads to the leadership of the riser! After a cross from the left half field Heider probably does not catch the ball properly in the penalty area and brings it to the far post instead of the goal. There Amenyido enters and heads off from close range.

16. min

Goal for VfL Osnabrück! 1: 0 by Etienne Amenyido.

14th min

Darmstadt also comes into the penalty area - Gugganig clears after a pass from Heller uncompromising before Mehlem.

11. min

The last punch is missing at VfL but also. Agu brings the cross from the right to close to the box.

10. min

Darmstadt has also made a good start to the season, but needs something to get into the game today. Against aggressive and sometimes creative Osnabrücker the lilies are not yet on the train.

6th min

Also the second conclusion of the game belongs to the hosts. Heider's shot is deflected past, there is the first corner.

5. min

Osnabrück shows a fairly active start phase. The climber has found his way in the second league after a short time.

2nd min

Surprising free-kick variant of the Osnabrück, because the Darmstadt are caught cold. Etienne Amenyido gets his foot on the ball after a quick run, the ball passes just by the gate.

2nd min

It is unusually quiet in the stadium. In the first half, the Osnabrücker have to give up the loud support of their Ultras. In protest against the preparation of the match on Monday evening, the loyal followers want to remain silent for 45 minutes and then cheer on the team again.

1st min

Kick-off at the Bremen bridge!

preliminary report

Patrick Ittrich is the referee.

preliminary report

The first team of SV Darmstadt 98: Florian Stritzel - Mandela Egbo, Dario Dumic, Immanuel Hoehn, Fabian Holland - Yannick Stark, Victor Pálsson - Marcel Heller, Marvin Mehlem, Tim Skarke - Serdar Dursun

preliminary report

The list of VfL Osnabrück: Nils Körber - Lukas Gugganig, Moritz Heyer, Joost van Aken - Felix Agu, Ulrich Taffertshofer, David Blacha, Kevin Wolze - Anas Ouahim, Marc Heider, Etienne Amenyido

preliminary report

VfL coach Daniel Thioune will be the first time Joost van Aken, newcomer from Sheffiel Wednesday, has arrived. The center-back plays on his debut from the start.

preliminary report

Goalkeeper Marcel Schuhen (broken arm) as well as the attacking players Felix Platte, Mathias Honsak (both hamstring) and Braydon Manu (capsule tear on the knee) are missing at Darmstadt. Erich Berko did not make it to the squad after a hamstring injury, although he played for half an hour in the friendly against Hessenligist Hanau 93 a week ago.

preliminary report

Darmstadt started the season with a win and a draw. Nevertheless, the lilies are warned about Osnabrück. "Osnabrück has arrived very quickly in the second league," said Darmstadt coach Dimitrios Grammozis. "We'll have to face an adversary who is very aggressive and tries to take the crowd with them."

preliminary report

VfL Osnabrück strives for the first home win of the season. The first home game on Matchday 1 lost the promoted 3-1 against Heidenheim, followed by a 1-0 win in Sandhausen. Against the SV Darmstadt 98 Osnabrück also wants to build on the strong performance from the DFB Cup match against the Champions League participants RB Leipzig (2: 3).

preliminary report

We welcome you to the assembly party in the 2. Liga: The VfL Osnabrück receives Darmstadt 98.

preliminary report

VfL Osnabrück - SV Darmstadt 98

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