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VfR Garching - Beer coaster swatter - sports in the region

The Bönig-Elf loses 1: 5 against newcomer Aubstadt - one week after a 0: 5 defeat in Eichstätt. The coach now wants to restore a defensive order.

By Gerhard Fischer, Garching

Not only the lions ("57, 58, 59, sixty!") And the Bavarians ("Star of the South") have songs, also at VfR Garching the footballers are sung about. Before the match against TSV Aubstadt they were allowed to hear how "camaraderie" was praised via loudspeakers, how to be small and likable ("Garching plays for little money"), and how the community was upheld: "No defeat it's worth it not to be together anymore. "

Good 90 minutes later Garching had conceded a hearty defeat, namely a 1: 5 (0: 2). And coach Philipp Bönig moved at least briefly from his players, as he said at the press conference: "That was in all respects not regionalalligatauglich." Bönig criticized body language, fit, defensive behavior. He will tell his players clearly and give the team first of all a "defensive order", which is urgently advised: One week before the 1-5 draw against Aubstadt Garching had lost 0: 5 in Eichstätt.

The TSV Aubstadt is a climber, his kickers come from a 700-inhabitant place northeast of Schweinfurt. Hesse is not far away, and Thuringia is only five kilometers away. Aubstadt has two peculiarities: a supposedly worth seeing population of wild cherry trees and, so it betrayed teams that played against Aubstadt, a football team with robust guys. That they also have a filigree left foot in their ranks, has obviously not talked to southern Bavaria: Ingo Feser scored four goals in Garching, all with left.

In the seventh minute, he adjusted the ball about 24 meters before the VfR goal and lifted it casually over the wall into the box of Dominic Badger. That looked very simple. But behind every art there is constant practice.

Philipp Walter had caught a used day unlike Feser. The Garching defender was the first time in the 15th minute negative when he fouled attacker Michael Dellinger in the box. Feser shot the penalty. With links. Into the left corner. It was 0: 2, and the grandstand guests gave the VfR a bad testimony: "Miserable performance," cried one. "They're asleep," another grumbled. "Simple balls do not arrive," said a third. Somehow, they were all right.

After 20 minutes, the hosts tore on the belt. They fought better than at the beginning, they saw decent ballsticks, passable standards - and even chances. A clever cross from Dennis Niebauer found no takers (20th) and a clever lift of Linus Radau fell on the roof of the gate (23.). A delicate touch of Da-go-maybe-something was to be felt. Dellinger would have been able to destroy these hopes, but he shot from three yards one meter over it (45th) and applied for the top ten senseless verdaddelten chances on this fifth game of the Regionalliga Bayern.

Feser completed three minutes after the break what Dellinger negligently missed before the break: He hit the goal and scored the 3: 0 for the guests. This time it was not Feser's shot handsome (he met unadorned with left into the left corner), but the preliminary work. That's because Christoph Schmidt duped Walter, who was both deplorable and lacking concentration in the penalty area, in such a humiliating manner that audiences were encouraged to talk about Bauerntrick and Bierdeckel-Klatsche. Schmidt left Walter in a small room with a tip-hoe-one-two-three, like a tin soldier and fitted back on customer Feser.

Then referee Andreas Hummel created perfect conditions for a catch-up of the Garching: First he whistled a dubious penalty (Maximilian Berwein had shot Steffen Behr from a short distance at the hand), which Dennis Niebauer turned with a low shot into the left corner (54); then he replaced Behr with yellow-red (58.). The Garchingers had one more man in the field and over 30 minutes to play the game. They made a miserable little out of it.

Christopher Bieber, formerly under Bernd Hollerbach at Kickers Würzburg, instead scored with a turning shot the 1: 4 (79), and the famous Feser deserved the conclusion: He dusted off after Dellinger had failed to badger (82). "This is celebrated," said Apfadts coach Joseph Francic, "we stop at every gas station on the way home".

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