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Vivomove 3 from Garmin, analysis and offer

Garmin Vivomove 3, description and features

What is Vivomove3? We talk about the third version of a hybrid watch that comes to meet the needs of those who want an elegant or classic-looking watch, for casual use or as a complement, but does not give up the digital world and the benefits of a smartwatch.

Garmin proposes a round clock, with handles, but with a backlit display that remains hidden as long as we don't tell him otherwise. It occurs to me to define it as a camouflaged activity tracking bracelet behind a classic watch.

Formats and prices in this third version Vívomove 3

This edition brings with it four formats:

  • Vívomove 3S (HERE OFFER): Stainless steel bezel and silicone strap. 39 mm housing
  • Vívomove 3 (HERE OFFER): Stainless steel bezel and silicone strap. 44 mm housing
  • Vívomove Style (Here Black OFFER and white OFFER): Aluminum case and nylon silicone strap. 42 mm housing
  • Vívomove Luxe: Steel case and leather strap or Milanese mesh. 42 mm housing

Prices vary depending on which of these models we look at. The cheapest part of the € 250 and the most expensive that costs € 550. A little further down you have the price scheme.

Vivomove 3 Features

We will focus on the characteristics of Vivomove 3 to dry, knowing that there are differences in qualities and size depending on the version.

  • Reinforced glass lens (sapphire in the Luxe)
  • Steel bezel and fiber housing 44 x 44 x 11.3 mm (steel or aluminum case in Luxe and Style, and 42 x 42 x 11.8 mm)
  • Quick disassembly straps, in this case silicone.
  • Touch screen of 8.90 x 18.30 mm with 64 x 132 pixels type OLED. This is the hidden screen that appears behind the needles when we activate it. In the Luxe 24.10 x 18.70 mm and 240 x 240 pixels type AMOLED.
  • It weighs 46.10 grams with silicone strap. Only the box 29.6 g. (Luxe Box 44.5 g)
  • Autonomy of up to 5 days in smart watch mode and an additional week if used in clock mode.
  • Water resistant 5 ATM.
  • Memorize 7 activities and 14 days of activity tracking.
  • It has analog needles.
  • Sensors: Garmin Elevate FC monitor, barometric altimeter, accelerometer, pulse oximetry acclimatization.
  • Luxe and Style versions also have contactless payment through Garmin Pay. As of today, this platform already supports these cards: CaixaBank VISA, Openbank MASTERCARD, Openbank VISA, Revolut MASTERCARD, Santander MASTERCARD, Santander VISA, and boon by Wirecard MASTERCARD.

Features of Garmin Vivomove 3

  • Smart functions: notifications, text response and call rejection on Android, without GPS antenna but connectable to the phone, Bluetooth and ANT +, etc.
  • Activity tracking: steps, idle line, auto target, sleep monitor, calories, floors up, distance, intensity minutes, TrueUp, Move IQ, body battery, stress monitor, etc.
  • Training Functions:
    • Fitness: gym activity profiles and automatic repetition counting.
    • Intervals, VO2max, auto lap ...
    • Heart rate zones, respiratory rate (in yoga), tsa breathing
    • Some functions of running, cycling, swimming in the pool and toe-to-toe challenges for children.

Vivomove 3, 3S, Style and Luxe, price and offer

The truth is that it is an attractive watch, and in some cases distinguished finishes such as 24-carat gold or 18-carat rose gold on a titanium base. We enter a field of design and materials that transcends purely functional criteria.

The best example I can give is that of my own person; All the watches that have fallen on my hands throughout my life are in a drawer or on friends' wrists, and mine are only surrounded by sports watches during my workouts. I am a bad customer for this type of watch, but I understand that its price is fully justified based on its design and materials. From € 250 to € 550 depending on the latter. And if you go very bare you can also consider buying the previous version that is very affordable in this offer.

Here you will find the latest updated offers, and in the price chart you can see at a glance the appearance, characteristics and starting price of each version.

Vívomove 3: models and prices
Garmin Vívomove 3 Sport 44 - Smart watch, black color
Price: EUR 249.66

You save: EUR 0.24 (%)

Garmin Vivomove 3, analysis and opinion

In this case we will analyze the Vívomove 3, the basic version of € 250, and shortly we will complete this article with all the information obtained, the general, comparative experience of FC sensor with chest band, etc.

The initial impression is that Garmin has done a good job of evolution with respect to its predecessor Garmin Vivomove HR. An exquisite and functional design, where the digital goes totally unnoticed, and that is the grace in this case.

Curious that it has a barometric altimeter, probably because it is more effective in the rise of steps or floors in order to monitor daily activity. The GPS antenna will be missed, and in the most expensive versions maybe one also expects some more functionality such as music storage, since you pay more than 400 euros ...

But in general and after putting his hands on him, the sensations are good and the clock is comfortable. We will see how he behaves sportily speaking. Stay tuned for the final result in a few days.

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