News : VK10K, Kilian Jornet's toughest session, with a 10k in 29:42 included!

News :

VK10K, Kilian Jornet's toughest session, with a 10k in 29:42 included!

Jornet, running his 10k workout / Instagram

Good old Kilian Jornet never ceases to amaze us. The truth is that it is usually a joy that he shares practically all his workouts with everyone on his social networks and, in addition, he does it frankly when it comes to something that has been especially hard for him. As is the case with your last publication. Jornet talks about "one of the hardest training sessions he does" and explains it with hairs and signs, providing data on the numbers that have come out. He calls it ‘VK10K’ for a very simple reason: it is about doing a Vertical Kilometer and then completing a 10k on the flat.

Kilian assures that normally it makes 700 meters of positive difference in 7km, but that in this case it has gone much further. He has completed almost 1,000 meters of climb in just 2.25km. Or, what is the same, a real wall. After a simple descent and without forcing the machine too much, Jornet faces the second part of this training madness: a 10k at a pace around 3 ’/ km. And the truth that nails it.

“The hardest thing is to shoot with your legs still heavy and harder than a vertical kilometer lactate stone. “In the last two kilometers I give everything to complete the 10k in 29:42. In the end, a total of 59'39 ”. Another outrage from the best mountain runner in history ... And another nod to that asphalt test that announced that it would run shortly?

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