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Volleyball European Championship - Coup against Russia - Sport

The German volleyball players have surprisingly defeated Russia 3-2 at the European Championships in Bratislava and face the group victory.

The German volleyball players have caused a big surprise at the European Championships and have already reached the round of 16. Thanks to an outstanding performance, the selection of national coach Felix Koslowski beat European record champion Russia in Bratislava after a five-set thriller with 3: 2 (18:25, 25:21, 25:23, 14:25, 15:11) and lies in Group D after their third success in the third game, right behind hosts Slovakia, which will face Tuesday night. "Of ten games against us the Russians win 9.5 times," Koslowski had said before the match. His protégés were able to take advantage of the "half-a-minute chance", partly because, in contrast to the Spain match (3: 1), they presented themselves in a much better way in all areas on Saturday. "If we play at our maximum level, if we get pushed, emotionally, performance-wise, then we can play against any team first," said Koslowski. Compared to the world ranking fifths succeeded with a clean acceptance and fast, dynamic game very well.

The German team was not intimidated by the physically superior Russians. Nevertheless, the opponent pulled away at the end of the first round. In the second sentence, the Germans grew beyond themselves and made up. With much confidence, the team forced the Russians to mistakes and led in the third round in the meantime even with 19:13, which was enough for another set win at the end. The clear loss of the fourth set did not bother - the second match point in the tie-break brought the decision.

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